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Fact Check: Were NSW's coronavirus numbers higher than Victoria's thresholds for lifting curfew, as Scott Morrison said?

Victoria's "roadmap for reopening" from coronavirus lockdown has not been well received by the federal government. Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the plan as "crushing news", saying he hoped Victoria's trigger points for easing restrictions were a worst-case scenario.
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Fact Check: Scott Morrison claimed Australia was outperforming other countries with its coronavirus vaccination rollout. Was he correct?

Having last year promised to put Australia at the front of the global coronavirus vaccination queue, the federal government now finds itself under pressure over the pace of its vaccine rollout. Prime Minister Scott Morrison this month defended the government's record, claiming Australia had outperformed...
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Fact Check: Josh Frydenberg says Melbourne is the world's most locked down city. Is that correct?

As lockdown rules eased for millions of weary Melburnians, Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg asserted that no other city on the planet had suffered for so long under these restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Verdict: Mr Frydenberg's claim is not clear cut.

Enhancing public sector policy capability for a COVID world

This paper is a contribution to a program of work – involving similar discussions among a wide cross-section of participants from multiple industry sectors – on national resilience in light of COVID-19. It is one of the products of the National Resilience Project being co-led...

Blueprint model of care to support vaccine hubs for people experiencing homelessness

The purpose of this document is to offer guidance to other agencies in the development and delivery of vaccine hubs for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The model of care described here is also relevant to vaccination efforts targeting other hard to reach...

Intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: a survey of women in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised significant concerns for the safety of women in the context of a coalescence of risk factors and stressors for intimate partner violence (IPV). The aim of this research was to better understand women’s experiences of IPV since the beginning of...
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Government’s forced rollout of facial recognition for home quarantine needs strict limits and protections

This paper argues that as state governments begin trialling home quarantine programs, they need to take active steps to ensure they are not crossing a new frontier in the surveillance of citizens by using facial recognition technology.
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Improving mask use to reduce COVID-19 transmission

The document presents the most up-to-date research on medical masks, cloth masks and N95 respirator masks, and suggests that New Zealand needs improved mask-wearing guidelines to best protect ourselves against highly transmissible variants of the virus that causes COVID-19.
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Report on public hearing 12: The experiences of people with disability, in the context of the Australian government’s approach to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

In May 2021, the Royal Commission conducted a public hearing in Sydney considering the experiences of people with disability, in the context of the Australian government’s approach to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. This is the report of the three Commissioners who participated in the hearing.
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Innovations in suicide assessment and prevention during pandemics

This systematic review was constrained by its inclusion of relatively few robust original reports, and yet it supported an association between previous pandemics and increased risk for suicide-related outcomes.