Paris Agreement

Alternate Term Label:
Paris agreement on climate change

Report of the expert panel examining additional sources of low cost abatement

The recommendations outlined in this report are intended to help Australia exceed its current international commitments and create a pathway for ongoing emissions reductions beyond 2030 to meet future commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Decarbonisation futures: solutions, actions and benchmarks for a net zero emissions Australia

This publication provides a guide for Australian government and business decision-makers on priority technologies, deployment pathways and benchmarks for achieving net zero emissions. It shows that Australia can immediately accelerate deployment of mature and demonstration zero-emissions solutions, like renewable energy and electric vehicles, in sectors...
Policy report

Fighting the elephant in the room: the Democratic race and climate politics

This report examines how the leading Democratic presidential candidates are positioning themselves on key issues in the climate debate, and discusses implications for Australia and other nations' approaches to decarbonisation and the environment.
Discussion paper

Enough scope: coal mines, scope 3 emissions and NSW climate policy

This research from the Australia Institute shows that the New South Wales government’s attempts to force planners to ignore the carbon emissions of the state’s coal exports contradicts NSW climate policy, the Paris Agreement, corporate expectations and economic opportunities for growth.

Net zero momentum tracker: local government sector - Jan 2019

This report is part of a series focusing on major sectors of the Australian economy as part of the Net Zero Momentum Tracker initiative. The Tracker is designed to bring together and evaluate climate action commitments in order to help the banking sector build momentum...

Australia’s proposed ‘Kyoto carryover’ - nature, scale, implications, legal issues and environmental integrity of the Paris Agreement

This report argues that given Australia's projections, it would almost certainly be best for Australia to openly acknowledge the challenges it faces in meeting its 2020 and 2030 Paris Agreement targets, and do its utmost to put in place policies and measures that can bend...
Policy report

Delivering an investable long-term emissions strategy

The Australian and New Zealand Governments have committed to release long-term emissions strategies in 2020 under the Paris Agreement. This paper provides an overview of the role and implications of long-term emissions strategies for institutional investors, such as super and pension funds, in Australia and...

We’re way off course for Paris, says World Energy Outlook

The IEA’s annual flagship review, World Energy Outlook 2019, puts it bluntly. On current policies, the world is on track for a “relentless upward march in energy-related emissions."

Net zero momentum tracker: banking sector - October 2019

As investors and capital providers, banks are significant to Australia’s transition to a net zero emissions economy. This report finds that 85 per cent of the banks assessed are taking steps to reduce their investment and lending portfolio emissions, but that these commitments are not...
Policy report

Runaway train: the impact of WA’s LNG industry on meeting our Paris targets and national efforts to tackle climate change

This report presents the first thorough investigation of direct carbon emissions from Western Australia’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry, revealing alarming growth in pollution that is placing Australia’s Paris Agreement targets in jeopardy.