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Protection of Indigenous Knowledge in the intellectual property system: consultation report

IP Australia is looking at ways the intellectual property system can better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to protect and benefit from their Indigenous knowledge. This report provides a summary record of the feedback received through recent roundtables, written submissions, and an online...

Our SG heritage plan

The 'Our SG Heritage Plan' is the first master plan for Singapore’s heritage and museum sector which outlines the broad strategies and initiatives for the sector over the year 2018 to 2022.

Cultural funding by government 2017-18

Each financial year all levels of government report on investment in the arts and heritage in Australia. The 2017-18 survey shows total expenditure has increased by 13% since 2016-17.

Report on the National Local Government Cultural Forum Initiative 2013-2018

This work was recognised by the United Cities and Local Government Committee on Culture, who endorsed the Cultural Forum initiative as one of 120 global ‘good practice’ examples in the area of culture and local sustainable development.

Australian government policy on Indigenous repatriation

The Australian government supports the repatriation of ancestral remains and secret sacred objects to their communities of origin to help promote healing and reconciliation.
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Promoting cultural heritage for sustainable tourism development: Madang, Papua New Guinea

Tourism has been identified as an important economic industry for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), including Papua New Guinea (PNG). One of the important niche markets for tourism is cultural heritage, which involves “travellers seeing or experiencing built heritage, living culture or contemporary arts” (Timothy...
Case study

Promoting cultural heritage for sustainable tourism development: Samoa

A key finding of this research is that while intangible cultural heritage such as dances, performances and craft production is already a mainstay of Samoan tourism, tangible cultural heritage sites beyond the museums and the Samoan Cultural Village in Apia are largely missing.

Public value: how can it be measured, managed and grown?

This paper brings together views from Nesta on better ways of mapping and measuring public value. It considers many fields - from health and culture to public services - to find more rounded and realistic ways of capturing the many dimensions of value created by...

Arts and culture in Australia: A statistical overview, 2004 (reissue)

Arts and Culture in Australia: A Statistical Overview was originally released in hard copy and as a pdf file in November 2004. It was subsequently re-issued in both an on-line format and PDF format on 6 September 2006.

Cultural trends in Australia: a statistical overview, 1994

This publication provides a statistical overview of culture in Australia. Topics covered include employment in culture, government outlays on culture, output of the cultural industry, cultural imports and exports, attendances at cultural venues and time spent on cultural activities.

Promoting cultural heritage for sustainable tourism development in the Pacific

This article describes a project investigating the potential and constraints to developing cultural heritage tourism opportunities as a pathway for sustainable development for local communities in the Pacific and specifically in Samoa and Madang, Papua New Guinea.
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Sound interpretation: acoustic ecologies and urban history

This paper explores how sound artefacts within urban acoustic ecologies can inform our perceptions of place, engaging a new dialogue with the cultural and built histories of post-industrial Tasmanian urban environments.
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Landscapes in transition

Around the world coastal areas are witnessing dramatic changes due to the consequences of the growth of human settlements. Rapid urban expansion in coastal settlements due to ‘life style migration’ impacts negatively on environmental coastal amenities that are the driving factor behind the attraction of...
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Indigenous heritage in cities: representing Wellington’s past

This paper aims to examine how Indigenous heritage values are represented within western urban environments. By using an urban design lens, this paper builds on an emerging body of knowledge by analysing existing designed heritage landscapes in an attempt to recognize the contrasts between western...
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Incentivising the regeneration and maintenance of cultural built heritage in NSW

Conservation of cultural built heritage in society has become vexed with political, financial and planning difficulties. The listed stock is in gross need of information, funding and policy direction. Opportunities to capture value, to maximise conservation incentives and generally to encourage owners to maintain their...
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From old Rooty Hill to Barangaroo: landscape preservation as urban heritage in Sydney

Campaigns to preserve the legacy of the past in Australian cities have been particularly focused on the protection of natural landscapes and public open space. From threats to Perth’s Kings Park and Sydney’s headlands to current proposals such as Barangaroo and the Perth waterfront, heritage...
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Assessing the tourism potential of an Australian industrial icon

In 2015, the remote mining community of Broken Hill became the first Australian city to be inscribed on the National Heritage List. The City Council’s strategic plans reflect an expectation that the inscription will lead to an increase in tourism. A better understanding of the...
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It's time, Ngara

In 1991 Davison and McConville described the 'heritage business' as being "subject to constant tension between the demands for bureaucratic consistency and impersonal expertise on one hand and for popular participation and local autonomy on the other" (p. 11). The decisions and debate over the...
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Rooms for the memory: the 30-year iconic legacy of Dogs in Space

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Richard Lowenstein’s acclaimed Dogs in Space, a fictionalized cinematic memoir of nominal bohemians in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. Set 6-8 years before the film’s release, Lowenstein utilised genuine participants in the events/milieu depicted, as well as key locations...