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Offshore processing


Seven years on: an overview of Australia's offshore processing policies

It has been seven years since the Australian government announced that anyone who arrived in Australia by boat to seek protection would be taken to offshore processing centres. This report provides a snapshot of where Australia is at, seven years after the July 2013 announcement.

Procurement of garrison support and welfare services

The audit objective was to assess whether the Department of Homes Affairs has appropriately managed the procurement of garrison support and welfare services for offshore processing centres in Nauru and PNG (Manus Island).

Explainer: the medevac repeal and what it means for asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru

After much negotiation, the Morrison Government has secured the repeal of the medical evacuation law – known as “medevac” – after making a secret deal with Senate cross-bencher, Jacqui Lambie.

Risk management in immigration detention

People held in immigration detention, as well as staff working in detention facilities, face genuine risks to their health, safety, security and their human rights more broadly. This report assesses how the Australian government identifies and manages those risks.
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Fact Check: Is the Coalition's new spending on climate change worth just four weeks of keeping Christmas Island open?

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale claims the Morrison government is spending "almost as much to keep Christmas Island open in the previous four weeks as they will spend in new money over the next four years on climate change."

Australia’s own border wall

Our “state of exception” combines disturbing practices, cost blowouts and chaotic administration, writes Peter Mares.
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Fact Check: Will the medevac bill allow healthy refugees on Nauru and Manus to come to Australia?

Immigration Minister David Coleman has criticised the so-called "medevac bill", claiming the legislation requires a "very, very low threshold" for bringing refugees and asylum seekers to Australia from Manus Island and Nauru.

Indefinite despair: the tragic mental health consequences of offshore processing on Nauru

This report provides independent medical data demonstrating the extreme mental health suffering on Nauru. MSF strongly reiterates its urgent call for the Australian government to end the policy of offshore detention and immediately evacuate all refugees and asylum seekers from Nauru to avoid further deterioration...

Until when? The forgotten men on Manus Island

This report paints a stark picture of a traumatised refugee population which has been hit hard by Australia’s recent healthcare and counselling service cuts, as well as continued threats to their safety.
Briefing paper

After the boats have stopped: refugees stranded in Indonesia and Australia’s containment policies

This brief provides an overview of Australia’s role in stopping refugees leaving Indonesia en route to Australia, and highlights the precarious situation refugees now face in Indonesia.

Australian Human Rights Commission inspection of Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre: report

This report contains an overview of key observations and concerns arising from the Australian Human Rights Commission’s inspection of the Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre (CIIDC) in August 2017.

Why Labor should break the refugee deadlock

The Opposition should swallow Scott Morrison’s bitter pill. But it also needs a longer-term plan, writes Peter Mares.

Australia's man-made crisis on Nauru: six years on

On 14 September 2012, Australia sent the first people back to Nauru under the second version of its offshore processing policy. This joint report examines what is happening to around 900 people who are still stuck on Nauru six years later, including an estimated 109...

With empty hands: how the Australian government is forcing people seeking asylum to destitution

There have been many reports about Australia's policies of offshore processing and detention. This report focuses on what happens to tens of thousands of people seeking asylum who are living in our community, and the policies that drive these highly vulnerable people to the margins...

Beyond the morally indefensible status quo

It’s time to think outside the square on asylum seekers, writes Peter Brent.

Health care cuts

This paper provides an update on the health situation for refugees and asylum seekers sent to Papua New Guinea by the Australian government.

Punishment not protection: Australia's treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea

Australia has used a calculated system of neglect and cruelty to increase the hardship suffered by refugees and asylum seekers, but remains responsible for their fate and well-being. It cannot shirk its responsibility, shifting them from one detention centre to several others, in a cynical...

How to avoid a violent end to the Manus Island stand-off

The Howard Government’s resolution of a crisis on Nauru in 2005 points the way forward for dealing with the people currently held on Manus Island, writes Michael Gordon.
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What next for the refugees and failed asylum seekers on Manus Island?

After five years, the Australian government practice of offshore processing of asylum seekers on Manus Island is about to finish.
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Fact Check: Was Labor's PNG refugee deal for one year only?

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd claims the 2013 Agreement with PNG for the processing and resettlement of asylum seekers was meant to be for one year only, but the Abbott/Turnbull governments have let it continue for longer.
Discussion paper

OPCAT in Australia: consultation paper

This Consultation Paper (the Paper) aims to help those with an interest in conditions of places of detention to participate in the process that will determine how OPCAT is implemented in Australia.

In the firing line

The briefing directly contradicts initial claims made by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Papua New Guinea Police, suggesting that soldiers only fired bullets into the air during a shooting incident at the Manus Island detention centre in April 2017.

Serious allegations of abuse, self-harm and neglect of asylum seekers in relation to the Nauru Regional Processing Centre, and any like allegations in relation to the Manus Regional Processing Centre

On 12 September 2016, the Senate referred the following matters to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report. The terms of reference were as follows; The serious allegations of abuse, self-harm and neglect of asylum seekers in relation to the Nauru...
Working paper

Removal of failed asylum seekers in Australia: a comparative perspective

This working paper reviews the current policy of removing failed asylum seekers in Australia and draws lessons from similar policy areas and reforms in the United Kingdom and Canada.
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Proposed ban on refugees arriving by boat in breach of Australia's international obligations: expert

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has expressed 'deep concern' at the government's proposal to ban refugees who arrive by boat from ever entering Australia. The UN body has reminded the Turnbull government that Australia has a responsibility to offer protection to all asylum...