Fly-in fly-out workers

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Impact of FIFO work arrangements on the mental health and well-being of FIFO workers

This research report was funded by the W.A Mental Health Commission and is one of the most comprehensive FIFO research studies undertaken in Australia. It suggests that the greater mental health risk of FIFO workers stems from their demographic profile, being mostly young-to-middle aged men...

Impact of fly-in fly-out/ drive-in drive-out work practices on local government

This study provides a summary of key issues raised in prior reviews of the literature and research on the impacts of fly-in/fly-out, driveIn/drive-out (FIFO/DIDO) work practices and, where appropriate, supplement this with other recent literature found. Furthermore, given the nature of ACELG’s modus operandi, the...

Best of both worlds?: fly in-fly out research project report

This research reports on stakeholders communities affected by Fly-in/Fly-out (FIFO) operations to inform strategies to maximize identified benefits and minimize identified negative impacts of FIFO in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

FIFO and the development industry - UDIA hot topics presentation

This presentation looks at the context and history of the FIFO phenomenon, and relates these to neighbourhood, community and family. It argues for the need to build a sociology of communities that fosters healthy individuals and connected and supportive communities.

Seastone Group FIFO survey

A survey of FIFO workers to canvass information relating to working conditions, redundancies, shift and roster patterns, employer support, relationships, R & R and mental health.
Draft report

Transient worker accommodation in the Pilbara - final draft

This document attempts to capture and assess Transient Worker Accommodation in the Pilbara in order to inform infrastructure and essential service planning.

Analysis of the long-distance commuter workforce across Australia

This report investigated the size and distribution of the non-resident or long distance commuter workforce by industry and geography over time. While this report provides a national perspective, it is the nine sampled mining regions that form the focus of the report.

Fly-in fly-out and regional impact assessments

The purpose of this study is to recommend a suitable approach to modelling/analysing regional resource projects to ensure that the economic impacts of a FIFO versus a residential workforce are understood.

FIFO and regional development

This presentation described the reasons behind the fly-in fly-out phenomenon and the effect on rural communities.

Fly-in/fly-out (FIFO) and family and domestic violence: an exploratory study of the association between FIFO work arrangements and family and domestic violence

This research, by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support (the Department), working with the Western Australia Police (WA Police) and specialist family and domestic violence crisis and support services, sought to explore the association between Fly-in/Fly-out (FIFO) work arrangements and family and domestic...