Public sector management

Briefing paper

Public sector reform in Iraq

Iraq’s public sector has shown formidable resistance to reform. The goal of this briefing is to guide policymakers, international financial institutions and development agencies in their design and implementation of public sector reform programmes in Iraq.
Discussion paper

Australian public sector innovation: shaping the future through co-creation

The key message of this report is that the public sector must become a leader and enabler of innovation in Australia, constituting as it does about 35% of GDP with a pervasive role in our economy and society.

A fair and responsive public service for all

This report finalises an intensive review of public sector employment laws in Queensland and recommends changes that include different language and concepts about how and why people work for the State Government in its various guises.

Cartels: deterrence and detection - a guide for government procurement professionals

Produced to assist government procurement professionals understand cartel behaviour, this guide considers some steps that might be taken to maximise competition and save money, while also disrupting the possible operation of cartels by suppliers.

Report on public service overhaul a good start, but parliamentary inquiry is needed

While the long-awaited Thodey Report makes many sensible recommendations, the detail is often missing and the analysis weak. And the Morrison Government's response rules out key reforms.

Our public service, our future

This report calls for outcome-driven targets to measure the progress of the Australian Public Service (APS) against its delivery of government priorities, satisfaction with services, ease of doing business, efficiency, citizen trust and employee engagement.

Delivering for Australians

This document is part of the federal government's commitment to build the Australian Public Service's (APS’s) capability and workforce to better support Australians.

The Australian government guide to regulation

This guide is intended to be read by every member of the Australian Public Service involved in policy making—from the most junior member of the policy team to the departmental secretary. It provides the context for regulation and encourages policy makers to think about regulatory...

Navigating to senior leadership in the Australian Public Service: identifying barriers and enablers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in APS employment

This commissioned report examines enablers and barriers which act to support or impede career progression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to senior levels in the Australian Public Service (APS). It draws on fifty in-depth interviews with current or former Aboriginal and Torres Strait...

State of the service report 2018-19

This report looks at the current state of the Australian Public Service (APS) under two broad themes: culture (chapters 1 to 4) and capability (chapters 5 to 7). As leadership is a driver of both culture and capability, leadership and the role of leaders, are...