Child protection


ldentifying strategies to better support foster, kinship and permanent carers: final report

This is the final report from the research project 'Identifying Strategies to Better Support Foster, Kinship and Permanent Carers'. This project was undertaken by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and Murawin, an Aboriginal research and evaluation consultancy.

Oranga Tamariki action plan

The Oranga Tamariki action plan aims to promote wellbeing for children, young people and families with the greatest needs, by enabling government agencies to work more effectively together and support whānau and communities.

Two years, too long: mapping action on the Harm Panel’s findings

This report has been prepared to mark the second anniversary of the publication of the UK Ministry of Justice expert 'Harm Panel’s' report. It aims to map the progress that has occurred over the last two years to learn from the panel’s findings and implement...

Kinship care

This audit was conducted to establish if the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing is supporting timely, stable and quality placements for children and young people through the new kinship care model.

Next steps for our kids 2022–2030

This ACT government strategy document outlines their ambitious plan to reform out-of-home care and child protection in the ACT over the next 8 years.
Conference proceedings

ADM in child and family services: mapping what is happening and what we know

This paper reports on the proceedings of a workshop entitled ADM in child and family services: mapping what is happening and what we know, held on the 24 November 2020. The workshop brought together international experts and on-the-ground sector stakeholders to provide an overview of...
Discussion paper

Systems change theory and practice: a brief review and practical insights

This discussion paper offers a summary of recently published literature and key theories about systems change and evaluation. It includes several case studies of programs and organisations to illustrate how they have applied theory. For those seeking a deeper dive into systems thinking and change...

Keeping kids safe and well - your voices

This report conveys the views of children, young people and families collected by the National Children’s Commissioner in face-to-face and online consultations and surveys between May and July 2021.

What should be changed to support young people?

This report explores the themes of the Youth19 open-text survey responses for young people who have ever been involved with Oranga Tamariki or Child Youth and Family Services in New Zealand.

Profile of children and young people in WA 2022

This report provides demographic and statistical information about the children and young people in Western Australia, in particular those who might be experiencing vulnerability and hardship.

Compliance with and enforcement of family law parenting orders: views of professionals and judicial officers

This report summarises the views of 343 professionals who work with separated parents and chose to complete an online survey, and 11 judicial officers who exercise family law jurisdiction and participated in one-on-one interviews. The survey instrument was designed to elicit views on a range...

Enabling the public health approach to protecting children

This paper reports the results of a project that was undertaken to find out what is known about systems that enable the public health approach to protecting children.

Safe and supported: the national framework for protecting Australia's children

This report outlines Australia’s framework to reduce child abuse and neglect and its intergenerational impacts.

A guide for children and young people to the National strategy to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse (2021-2030) and its action plans

This guide is intended to help children and young people understand child sexual abuse, how and where to get help, and how the national strategy is improving Australia’s response to child sexual abuse. It is recommended for children aged 9 years and up.

First Commonwealth action plan to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse 2021–2024

This strategy document works alongside the First National Action Plan, and includes measures the Australian government will largely deliver on its own. The focus will be on Australian government priorities and responsibilities, such as preventing and responding to online child sexual abuse.

National strategy to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse 2021–2030

This strategy is the first of its kind in Australia, and provides a nationally coordinated, strategic framework for preventing and responding to child sexual abuse. It seeks to reduce the risk, extent and impact of child sexual abuse and related harms in Australia.

Ensuring health and bodily integrity: towards a human rights approach for people born with variations in sex characteristics

The publication of this report is the culmination of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s project about protecting the human rights of people born with variations in sex characteristics in the context of medical interventions.

Oranga tamariki urgent inquiry

This document presents the findings of the Oranga Tamariki Urgent Inquiry. It acknowledges that tamariki (children) Māori were suffering or likely to suffer significant and irreversible prejudice as a result of the current or pending actions of Oranga Tamariki, for which there was no alternative...
Briefing paper

Key findings from the evaluation of the Homeless Youth Assistance Program (HYAP)

This briefing paper outlines key findings from the evaluation of the Homeless Youth Assistance Program (HYAP) and how the NSW Department of Communities and Justice is responding to the evaluation findings.

Adult responses to concerning sexual behaviours of young people in specialist school settings

Children with disability have a right to support and safety not only to prevent harm from adults, but also from their peers. This report presents findings from a study that examined how well equipped specialist school staff are to respond to child sexual abuse among...