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Exploration and mining on private land in NSW: a brief legislative history

. This e-brief presents a brief history of land access provisions in NSW: first in relation to minerals, and secondly in relation to petroleum (which includes coal seam gas). This paper also briefly examines land access provisions in other States.

Too much of a good thing? The macroeconomic case for slowing down the mining boom

The purpose of this paper is to consider a feature of the mining boom which has been barely considered in the Australian policy debate to date, namely, how fast should the mining construction boom be allowed to develop?

The governance of sustainability: how companies manage their corporate responsibilities

This study reviews the structure of corporate responsibility in a sample of twelve large, listed Australian companies. In particular, it explores the governance of corporate responsibility: the structures and processes through which a company controls and directs its efforts towards becoming more sustainable.
Discussion paper

Building on the Western Australian boom: the drivers and shapers of China's economic development in the 21st century

The extent of Western Australia’s current links with China, the historic nature of China’s transformation and the likelihood of severe disturbances along the road – provide both major opportunities and big risks for Western Australia.
Discussion paper

Drivers and shapers of economic development in Western Australia in the 21st century

The last half of the century has seen massive changes in the global economy which have, in turn, driven transformations in the Western Australian economy. Some industries, like whaling, have disappeared. Others, like the wool industry, are shadows of their former glory. The resources boom...

A survey of the impact of Royalties for Regions program delivery in regional WA

The Royalties for Regions program represented a paradigm shift in how the royalties generated from the mining and petroleum industries were to be reinvested in the future of regional communities. This report seeks to understand what impact Royalties for Regions program delivery has had in...
Briefing paper

Launching the ship: a constitutional history of Western Australia

At first glance the Constitution of Western Australia seems a dry, legalistic assembly of rules for the organisation and conduct of government. Unlike the emotive "we the people . . ." opening of the constitution of the United States of America, there is little to...

FIFO and the development industry - UDIA hot topics presentation

This presentation looks at the context and history of the FIFO phenomenon, and relates these to neighbourhood, community and family. It argues for the need to build a sociology of communities that fosters healthy individuals and connected and supportive communities.
Briefing paper

Extractive industries: ensuring a cultural license to operate

Negative stereotypes about the extractive industries constitute a cultural risk for operations, damage good-doers, and discourage other companies from imitating them. This paper discusses the concept of a cultural license to operate, which addresses these cultural risks.

Indigenous employment in the Australian minerals industry

This report aimed to inform the minerals industry and policy makers about key trends and issues relating to Indigenous employment in the minerals industry.