Value capture

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Ethical dilemmas in value delivery: theoretical conditions

This paper examines fundamental reasons for ethical dilemmas occurring in the context of value delivery in construction projects and provides a theoretical framework to form the basis for future empirical research on ethical issues related to value delivery to customers, broadly defined.
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The transit transformation Australia needs

This paper argues that a significant program of work is required to educate planners and policy makers on the nature, evidence, techniques, and usage of important emerging infrastructure funding mechanisms that will unlock the future cities we all want to live in.

Beyond bulldust, benchmarks and numbers: what matters in Australian culture

When did culture become a number? When did the books, paintings, poems, plays, songs, films, games, art installations, clothes, and all the myriad objects that fill our lives and which we consider cultural, become a matter of statistical measurement?
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How do we decide the value of art?

How do we decide the value of art? And who is best equipped to do so?

The value of architecture: Context and current thinking

This paper begins by examining how economic models have developed over time to define the boundaries of cost and value in building. How value is variously described in other fields is compared, and the technique of value management as a good design tool is analysed...
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Guide to value capture financing for public transportation projects

Value capture is the public recovery of a portion of increased property and other value created as a result of public infrastructure investment. Capturing a portion of that value to fund transit projects is an increasingly viable and desirable option. TCRP Research Report 190: Guide...

Harnessing value, delivering infrastructure: inquiry into the role of transport connectivity on stimulating development and economic activity

Improving transport connectivity, and finding innovative ways to pay for transport infrastructure, is essential to the future development of Australia’s cities and regions. The issues of concern that lead to this inquiry were the imbalance of settlement and its consequences; the deficit of infrastructure in...
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Using value capture to help deliver major land transport infrastructure: roles for the Australian Government

The purpose of this paper is to outline a range of value capture approaches, and seek feedback on how the Australian Government could use its various policy and funding levers to stimulate the use of value capture in the development and delivery of transport infrastructure...
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Value capture - options, challenges and opportunities for Victoria

This paper outlines the options, challenges and opportunities for implementing value capture in Victoria, including opportunities that arise from both infrastructure investment and planning changes. If you are interested in understanding more about using value capture to help fund infrastructure in Victoria, this paper will...