Cross-media ownership


Media laws package to pass after Xenophon deal

The Turnbull Government's media laws package is set to pass, after a deal was made last night clearing the way for a major industry shake-up.
Fact sheet

Updating Australia’s media laws: fact sheet

The Turnbull Government has announced the most significant reforms to Australian media regulation in a generation, focusing on the control and ownership of Australia’s media outlets and the provision of local television content in regional Australia.

Sky News is not yet Fox News, but it has the good, the bad and the uglies

The Monday media section in The Australian newspaper, which is mainly just a platform for News Corp to promote its interests and attack its enemies, excelled itself on February 6 with this suggestive but essentially meaningless statement: After a strong showing in the US presidential...

ACCC approves Seven West Media bid for The Sunday Times

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced it will not stand in the way of Kerry Stokes' Seven West Media buying The Sunday Times and its website, Perthnow. The decision means that Perth is set to become the nation's next capital city with just...

Media ownership reforms

This guide provides a concise overview of the current state of cross-media ownership rules in Australia and the potential reforms that are on the Coalition’s agenda.

Media ownership and regulation: a chronology part one: from print to radio days and television nights

This chronology traces the story of media ownership concentration and control since 1901 and the government policies and regulations that have responded to, or attempted to pre-empt, the trend towards concentration that has occurred since the 1920s.
Discussion paper

New media laws and their impact on the bush

Peter Andren MP, the Independent member for Calare, considers the impact of the recent changes to media law on media diversity in rural areas. The laws, which will allow a single owner to control both television and newspapers in a particular market, will see, he...

Should we rely on the regulators?

The government is likely to introduce its media reform legislation into parliament this week, but what's not in the Bills might be as important as what is, writes Jock Given.

The signal is clear: do not adjust your sets

The federal government’s media policy fails to unlock TV’s full potential, writes Jock Given.