Workplace bullying


Independent Review into Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces: progress update 2021

The Independent Review into Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces was established in March 2021. This progress update outlines the work of the review to date, including the methodology.

Review of harassment in the legal profession: final report

This review considered the existing South Australian regulatory framework, policies and procedures that apply to members of the legal profession and staff who work in a legal workplace, as well as best practice in responding to and preventing workplace harassment.

Bullying, culture and related issues in New Zealand Police

This document reports findings from an independent review of bullying and related cultural issues within the New Zealand Police.

Do better — Independent review into Collingwood Football Club’s responses to incidents of racism and cultural safety in the workplace

This review focuses on the responses of the Collingwood Football Club to incidents of racism and cultural safety in the workplace, and the adequacy of the processes for addressing it.

Purea Nei: Changing the culture of the legal profession

This report seeks to understand how to change the sexist, bullying culture often experienced by many female lawyers working in the New Zealand legal profession.

Bullying in the SA health and community services sector

The purpose of this report is to provide key findings relevant to workplace bullying based on data obtained from all Australian states and territories in the year 2014/2015.

Us too? Bullying and sexual harassment in the legal profession

Following the largest-ever global survey of legal professionals, this International Bar Association (IBA) report identifies startling rates of bullying and sexual harassment in the legal profession and makes ten recommendations for legal workplaces to address the crisis.

Centre for Workplace Excellence submission to the Inquiry into Workplace Fatigue and Bullying in South Australian Hospitals and Health Services

This submission presents a new, practical solution for bridging the gap between what is known about the causes of workplace bullying and what can be done to prevent it: an evidence-based risk audit tool, validated in South Australian hospitals.

Bullying and harassment in the New Zealand parliamentary workplace

This report contains the findings and recommendations of the independent external review into harmful behaviour within the parliamentary workplace. The review, carried out by independent external reviewer, Debbie Francis, took five months and makes 85 recommendations.

Emergency services agencies

This inquiry was established in May 2017, to examine the policy response to bullying, harassment and discrimination in certain emergency service agencies.