Climate change

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Climate policy
Climatic changes

Faster, further, fairer: putting people at the heart of tackling the climate and nature emergency

This interim report of the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission finds that to act with the ambition and at the scale that the climate and nature emergency demands, requires a new approach. Central to the ethos of the commission is the recognition that there is an...
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National water reform: issues paper

This inquiry concerns the National Water Initiative (NWI) — a 2004 intergovernmental agreement between the Australian government and all State and Territory governments. It is the Productivity Commission’s second national water reform inquiry, with the first undertaken in 2017.
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Fact Check: Who are the 75 Australian 'scientists and professionals' who say there is no climate emergency?

Periodically, petitions containing the signatures of "scientists" who are sceptical of human-induced global warming emerge, which seek to counter the views of climate scientists. Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly highlighted one such recent petition on Face
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Fact Check: Were Queensland fire danger indices historically high for early September?

With fires raging across Queensland by the first week of September, Inspector for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Andrew Sturgess called the weather conditions before the fires "an historic event".
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Fact Check: Rupert Murdoch misleading on North and South Poles

Media magnate Rupert Murdoch claims the North Pole is melting "a bit, but the South Pole is getting bigger".
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Fact Check: Is the Coalition's new spending on climate change worth just four weeks of keeping Christmas Island open?

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale claims the Morrison government is spending "almost as much to keep Christmas Island open in the previous four weeks as they will spend in new money over the next four years on climate change."
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Fact Check Fact File: Some Coalition MPs say that arson is mostly to blame for the bushfire crisis. Here are the facts

Social media is rife with claims that unprecedented levels of arson, not climate change, is the main cause of this season's bushfires. But what does the data show?
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Fact Check Analysis: We fact checked Scott Morrison's speech to the United Nations.

On the world stage, Prime Minister Scott Morrison argued Australia was taking real action on climate change and achieving results. But can the Government take all the credit?
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Fact Check Analysis: Peter Dutton says 250 have been charged with arson. But the data tells a different story

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton says a spike in arson offences was to blame for this season's devastating bushfires. But there is no evidence to show arson was even moderately responsible.
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Cities as forerunners: local climate governance and the carbon neutral city

This paper explores how knowledge of global climate change is re-scaled to local levels through city making discourses and practices such as municipal carbon accounting, and conversely how local experiments in low carbon transitions are framed as mobile and replicable solutions to a suite of...