Access to justice

Briefing paper

Violence against women and mental health

This paper provides a synthesis of ANROWS’s research on violence against women and mental health, examining the way that mental health intersects with trauma, complex trauma, disability, coercive control, access to justice and parenting. It is is designed for policymakers and practitioners engaging with women...

Apples, oranges and lemons

This research report examines how administrative data is collected and used in the Victorian civil justice system.

Rebalancing the scales

This report documents the experiences of Tasmanian parents and the lawyers who represent them, and legal processes associated with the child safety system. The research examines parents' ability to access legal advice, their participation in decision-making processes and to what extent these processes implement the...

Breaking the silence around sextortion: the links between power, sex and corruption

Sexual extortion or “sextortion” occurs when those entrusted with power use it to sexually exploit those dependent on that power. This report assesses the state of knowledge about the links between corruption and sextortion. It presents evidence on the prevalence of sextortion and the existing...

Legal rights audit 2019

Fundamental legal rights refer to the protections which are afforded to citizens in a legal system to ensure that just outcomes are the norm and that the state is restrained from abusing its powers in enforcing the law. This report builds on previous work to...
Briefing paper

Uptake of legal self-help resources: what works, for whom and for what?

While technology and the way information is available to people have changed markedly since the Legal Australia-Wide (LAW) Survey was conducted in 2008, this paper reports important evidence concerning Australians’ use of self-help resources (SHRs) for legal problems at that time based on new analysis...

Pathways to the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement

This document is a companion document to the draft Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement. It brings together the background information, consultation findings and evidence that informed the development of the agreement. It provides the rationale for the initiatives and strategies contained in the agreement.

Attrition and progression: reported sexual violence victimisations in the criminal justice system

This report tracks sexual violence cases through the criminal justice system, and is a valuable addition to the evidence-base to help track improvements in the justice response to victims of sexual violence. The report contributes to understanding victim's experiences and the criminal justice outcomes of...

"Do you think we will prosecute ourselves?" No prospects for accountability in South Sudan

This report documents the failure of the South Sudanese government to investigate and prosecute suspects of war crimes since the start of the conflict in 2013. The report is based on 47 interviews conducted with legal professionals, government officials, UN personnel, and civil society representatives...
Policy report

Diverse pathways to justice for all: supporting everyday justice providers to achieve SDG 16.3

This policy paper aims to refocus SDG 16.3 debates towards recognition of more diverse pathways to justice that reflect the ways in which people in a variety of contexts pursue redress and resolution of disputes.