Co-designing a peer support platform for people with low vision and blindness

This report evaluates the design and development of a prototype Peer Support Platform that aimed to address the information, linkages and capacity (ILC) building needs of people with low vision and blindness.

Building better homes: a National Building Code for all Australians

This campaign seeks mandatory accessibility standards within Australia's National Building Code to ensure access to appropriate housing for hundreds of thousands of people.
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Changes in patterns of accessibility in Sydney

While metropolitan restructuring and changes in journey to work patterns are well monitored at the aggregate level in Sydney by the NSW Department of Urban Affairs and Planning, the impacts of these changes on accessibility to employment opportunities remains largely unknown by the planning community.
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Out of bounds: Insights from children to support a cultural shift towards sustainable and child-friendly cities

This paper explores the links between child-friendly cities and sustainable cities including sustainable transport systems.
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The connected city

The papers in this session address the conference theme of The Connected City, which explores the provision of urban infrastructure.
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Ethics and transport planning in a time of urban extremes

Studies of justice and equity in mobility rarely produce explicit conceptual or practical insights into an ethics of transport and its planning. This paper asserts that this tension presents a complex ethical conundrum for transport scholars, and consider the possibilities and potentials for opening arenas...

Specialist Disability Accommodation supply in Australia: March 2020

This report remains the most comprehensive snapshot of how the market is responding to the opportunity to expand housing supply for people with disability.

Online, but offtrack

In the past few years, online learning has emerged as an increasingly important method for universities to provide course content. However, the increase in online learning environments has not be designed to include all students and accessibility is a growing concern.

Social inclusion in the arts 2017 plan

This plan outlines what is happening within a selection of ACT arts organisations to promote social inclusion and accessibility. It demonstrates the existing importance placed on inclusivity within the arts community and provides a basis for building on existing initiatives as well as information sharing...
Draft report

Draft accessibility strategy

The Disability Royal Commission’s draft accessibility strategy states the principles that will guide the Commission in its engagement with people with disability. It commits the Commission to putting people with disability first and explains how this objective will be achieved.