Good practices for handling whistleblower disclosures

This report provides insights for companies and superannuation trustees when designing programs or frameworks to manage whistleblowing in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001. The good practices identified are scalable and include examples of how executives and directors oversee whistleblower programs.

Digital campaigning and political finance in the Asia and the Pacific region

Drawing on insights from Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan and Kyrgyzstan, this report connects the global decline of democracies to digital disruption and calls for strengthened regulatory frameworks along with its enforcement to prevent monied interests and hidden actors from influencing the outcome of democratic elections.

Review of the parliamentary workplace: responding to serious incidents

This review found that current procedures and processes are not designed or able to respond appropriately to serious incidents in the Australian parliamentary workplace, particularly with regard to sexual assault. The most significant gap is the absence of readily accessible, timely, independent, trauma-informed services and...

Report of the Review of the parliamentary workplace: responding to serious incidents

In February 2021, Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, tasked a review of the procedures and processes involved in identifying, reporting and responding to serious incidents that occur during parliamentary employment. This report has been released to enable briefing for government, opposition, other parties, cross bench...

Administration of parliamentary expenses by the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority

The objective of this audit was to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority’s administration of parliamentary expenses claimed by Australian parliamentarians.

Do better — Independent review into Collingwood Football Club’s responses to incidents of racism and cultural safety in the workplace

This review focuses on the responses of the Collingwood Football Club to incidents of racism and cultural safety in the workplace, and the adequacy of the processes for addressing it.

Dastyari resigns, but will Labor’s proposals fix the political donations system?

Labor senator Sam Dastyari has resigned his shadow frontbench position after a week-long saga over a Chinese company having covered his travel expenses. This payment led to questions about his support for China in the South China Sea dispute in defiance of Labor policy. These...

Pharmacy action plan 2016 to 2020

This Action Plan was developed as a way of addressing the need to provide sustainable, high-quality pharmacist services in a complex and evolving environment. This Action Plan was developed as a way of addressing the need to provide sustainable, high-quality pharmacist services in a complex...
Journal article

Different meanings for 'nature' for New Zealand's conservation institutions

‘Conservation matters’, New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DOC) briefed its new minister in 2014, because ‘New Zealand’s natural heritage shapes the country’s cultural identity and ... New Zealanders identify strongly with conservation lands and waters’ (Department of Conservation, 2014, p.4). It further explained that the...
Working paper

Developments in anti-dumping arrangements

In 2009, the Productivity Commission conducted a ‘roots and branch’ inquiry into Australia’s anti–dumping system—the first such inquiry in more than two decades. Though recommending that a system be retained, the Commission proposed various changes to make the system less protectionist and thereby reduce its...

Advisory report on the counter-terrorism legislation amendment bill (No.1) 2015

This report discusses the purpose of the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2015, and recommends it be passed with amendments.

Australian guidelines for the protection of civilians

As experiences in Afghanistan, Bosnia, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Rwanda, South Sudan, Syria and Timor-Leste have all too clearly demonstrated, contemporary situations of armed conflict and other situations of violence can have a devastating impact on civilians. Today, armed conflict is more often taking...

Pakistan’s security outlook in the global power shift - part 1

As a middle income, developing country, and despite being overwhelmed by internal conflicts, political instability and a lack of governance, Pakistan has remained an active international actor in global politics.

Beijing, Moscow and Tehran: new partnerships, new alignments, new considerations?

Tehran has reportedly sent around one thousand élite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) troops to back up its proxy Hezbollah forces that are fighting Islamic State terrorists in Syria.

Developing a culture of evaluation and research

Increasingly, organisations are expected to demonstrate, and document, the differences their services are making for children, families and communities (McCoy, Rose, & Connolly, 2013; 2014). Evaluation and research helps to respond to this demand. Evidence gained through these activities helps to identify whether programs have...
Discussion paper

Nepotism, patronage and the public trust

In September 2013, the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) published a report of an investigation it had conducted into alleged misconduct at the University of Queensland. The misconduct concerned a decision in December 2010 that a school leaver who did not satisfy the university’s entrance...
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The importance of Project Governance Framework in project procurement planning

This paper highlights the importance of implementing project governance framework (PGF) to ensure that the decision makers are answerable and accountable to the stakeholders, and the decision making is transparent to avoid any ethical issues arising.

Keep them safe: a shared approach to child wellbeing 2009-2014

This report is a response to the NSW Government's Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW (Wood report). It outlines the Government's five-year action plan to improve the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in NSW.

Child pornography law update

This e-brief updates the paper Child Pornography Law published in August 2008. Specifically, it reviews the proposals for reform relating to child pornography recommended in Penalties Relating to Sexual Assault Offences in New South Wales, a report by the NSW Sentencing Council, chaired by Supreme...

Flight still closed? Response to the Allen Consulting Group on Review of the disability standards for accessible public transport: Draft report

PIAC made a submission in response to the release of the Review of the disability standards for accessible public transport: Draft report (the Draft Report) in January 2008.
Working paper

Governance of the international financial institutions: the case for merit-based selection of agency heads

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and the President of the World Bank are appointed under a 60 year old unwritten convention that the Managing Director is nominated by the countries of Western Europe while the President is nominated by the United States...

Inquiry into the circumstances of the Vivian Alvarez matter

The report identifies numerous failures in DIMIA processes that adversely affected Ms Alvarez. These include the failure by DIMIA officers to properly identify Ms Alvarez, the decision to detain her under the Migration Act, the subsequent decision to remove her from Australia, the level of...

Using the principles of corporate social responsibility in the process of risk management and accountability

Rick Sarre, Meredith Doig and Brenton Fiedler argue that setting legal and administrative rules to control the risk of corporate irresponsibility, either by legislation or by organisational guidelines and policies, may be necessary, but it is not sufficient, to establish and entrench corporate accountability. In...