Acute care



Victorian carer strategy 2018-2022

This strategy aims to provide a framework for the many undertakings and investments the Victorian government has already made to support carers, as well as future work to address the things that matter most to carers.

Costs of acute admitted patients in public hospitals from 2011–12 to 2013–14

Every day, decisions are made in hospitals, or by governments, that influence how efficiently hospitals run. In 2013–14, the running costs of public hospitals ($44 billion) continued to represent the largest proportion of the $154.6 billion that was spent on health by all governments, insurers...
Literature review

Evidence check: comprehensive care

This Evidence Check examines the effect of comprehensive care in acute settings on patient outcomes. The evidence shows that initiating a comprehensive care program has the potential to lead to increased patient satisfaction, increased involvement of patients in shared decision making and reduced length of...