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Attention deficit hyperactive disorder

Fever in children, dealing with dogs, Hib immunisation and update on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

'Fever in children' discusses this common symptom of illness and when parents should be concerned, depending on the baby's age. The article outlines the normal range, measurement methods and management. Dealing with dogs considers two major approaches to reducing dog bites among children, encouraging responsible...

Labelling kids: the good, the bad and the ADHD

Labelling kids: the good, the bad and the ADHD By Vicky Plows, Victoria University “ADHD”, “disruptive”, “behavioural difficulties”: labels like these are applied daily to our children. But there is a growing concern amongst educators, parents and pupils that the use of such labels has...

Medication for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: an analysis by federal electorate (2001-03)

For some time, considerable disparity has been apparent in the prescribing of medication for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in different jurisdictions in Australia. Despite having a smaller population than New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, Western Australia accounts for the highest number of prescriptions...