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Population ageing and government revenue: expected trends and policy considerations to boost revenue

Population ageing is expected to result in significantly higher government spending in many OECD countries in the coming decades. This paper sheds light on the macroeconomic consequences of population ageing for government revenue in a framework consistent with the OECD long-term model.

Retirement income review modelling - fiscal results

Industry Super Australia (ISA), in the context of the federal government’s Retirement Income Review, commissioned this research from Rice Warner to assess the impacts of various policy options utilising their comprehensive econometric model of the Australian superannuation system.
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How people react to pension risk

This paper shows that people exposed to greater pension risk are less likely to invest in risky assets. The authors exploit a reform that links people’s future pension benefits to their pension funds’ funding ratio—a measure of the fund’s financial health—making funding ratios a fund-specific...
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Sustainable and equitable pensions with means testing in ageing economies

A means-tested pension system has a distinct feature that tailors the level of pension benefits according to individual status.
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Retirement Income Review: consultation paper

This consultation paper outlines some of the issues the review panel will be considering and is intended as a guide to those making a submission. The panel welcomes contributions and invites submissions from the Australian community on the issues and material it should examine, as...

Asset portfolio retirement decisions: the role of the tax and transfer system

This report examines how the rules embedded in the tax and transfer system, especially in relation to the age pension, may impact on household choices.
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Fact Check: Did Nick Xenophon vote with Malcolm Turnbull to cut the age pension?

South Australia's labour movement, SA Unions, claims in Facebook videos that Mr Xenophon, who leads the SA-Best party, voted with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to cut pensions for older South Australians.

The adequacy of the age pension in Australia: an assessment of pensioner living standards

This report examines the adequacy of the Age Pension both qualitatively, through focus groups and town meetings, and quantitatively, through analysis of social survey data. Methodology included quantitative analysis provided by the HILDA (Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) survey which included 9,000 households...
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Fact Check: Was superannuation designed to get people off the pension?

Assistant Treasurer Kelly O'Dwyer claims Australia's superannuation system "was set up to be an alternative to the aged pension so that people didn't have to rely upon the aged pension or even the part pension".
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Superannuation tax concessions and the age pension: a principled approach to savings taxation

This paper discusses the tax and transfer treatment of private superannuation retirement saving and the public means tested age pension in Australia, and concludes that a more coherent retirement tax and transfer system can be achieved by reducing tax concessions and making the age pension...
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Fact Check: Jenny Macklin's attack on Abbott's age pension, parental leave plans unfounded

Opposition spokeswoman for families and payments Jenny Macklin the Government wants to cut the conditions for age pensioners while paying wealthy women $50,000 to have a baby.
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Fact Check: Clive Palmer wrong on asylum seekers being paid more than pensioners

Federal MP and businessman Clive Palmer claims Australia's senior citizens are paid less than newly arrived asylum seekers.

Superannuation, social security and retirement income

The overall aim of the Australian retirement income system is to reduce poverty in retirement and produce a higher income in retirement than can be achieved by reliance on the age pension alone. Recently, a third goal has begun to emerge, that of prolonging a...

Population ageing: crisis or transition?

The 'ageing crisis' is founded on three main assumptions: that older people are a social and economic burden; that population ageing will result in a serious dependency ratio imbalance; and, that there is a close correspondence between the size of the aged population and increased...