Anthropogenic climate change



A climate for change: 2019 Young Ambassador report

This report highlights the issues which are of most concern to Australian children and young people broadly under the banners of wellbeing, safety, learning, equality and the environment. One of the most consistent issues raised, however, was that of climate change.

A probabilistic analysis of human influence on recent record global mean temperature changes

The degree of uncertainty as to whether observed climate changes are due to human activity or are part of natural systems fluctuations remains a major stumbling block to effective adaptation action and risk management, according this report. Abstract December 2013 was the 346th consecutive month...

Facilitating adaptation: lessons learnt from engaging and supporting the primary health and community services sector in climate change adaptation

The Implementing Adaptation project produced an extensive review of relevant literature on the impacts of climate change on the primary health and community services sector. The review found that the impacts of climate change for primary health care and community welfare sectors will mainly be...