Armed robbery


Where and when: a profile of armed robbery by location

In this paper, four armed robbery profiles have been constructed, based on information contained in qualitative police narratives supplied as part of the AIC’s National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program. Summary In 2010, approximately 5,000 individuals and organisations reported being the victim of armed robbery. After...

Armed robbery in Australia: 2003 National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program annual report

Using information from the first year of the National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program, Maria Borzycki, Yuka Sakurai and Jenny Mouzos examine the nearly 9000 reported cases of armed robbery victimisation in 2003 in terms of the incident, the victim and the offender. Aspects of this...

An exploratory analysis of armed robbery in Australia

This study by Jenny Mouzos and Maria Borzycki had two aims. The first was to provide an analysis of the characteristics of armed robberies, the offenders and the victims, while the second was to examine the value of a regular armed robbery monitoring program. Data...