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Implementing the Arms Trade Treaty and the UNPoA: a guide to coordinating an effective arms control system

This is the second edition of the Implementation Guide for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and the UN Small Arms Programme of Action (UNPoA).

Reinvigorating the Narrative: the broader benefits of the Arms Trade Treaty

This resource looks at the full breadth of advantages offered by the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), plus an accessible description of how it works.

Policing gun laws: non-compliance, neglect and a lack of enforcement continue to undermine New Zealand’s firearms laws

The history of New Zealand’s gun control law is dominated by failure. Failure of gun owners to comply with the laws, failure of police and courts to enforce and uphold them, and most importantly the failure of successive Governments to provide the will and the...

The right to keep secret guns: registering firearms to reduce gun violence

Among a small, but vocal minority of shooters the universal registration of firearms is both the most ridiculed and the most feared of all measures to control guns. It is a fundamental belief of some gun owners that any register of firearms is merely the...

Guns in family violence: legal weapons pose the greatest risk

By opposing mandatory seizure of firearms following a protection order, police and some legislators seem inclined to deny the reality of gun-related violence as revealed by their own files.

Locking up guns: foiling thieves, children and the momentarily suicidal

The headline-grabbing effect of the illegal “crime gun” guarantees it more attention than the lawful, homely firearms which kill nine-tenths of shooting victims. Accordingly, public opinion seems willing to tackle the problem of guns in crime while little attention is paid to the much more...
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Would a prohibited persons register reduce gun death and injury?

One proposal to reduce gun-related death and injury is the establishment of a register of prohibited persons – a “black list” of citizens suspected of mental instability or anti-social behaviour. These people could then be denied a firearms licence. Despite years of promotion by pro-gun...
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"Harmless" .22 calibre rabbit rifles kill more people than any other type of gun

Contrary to their popular image as low-powered "bunny guns," .22-calibre rifles are commonly used in multiple shootings. In seven mass killings involving .22 rifles in Australia and New Zealand alone, 54 people died by gunfire.

Gold medal gunslingers: combat shooting targets the Olympic Games

Combat shooting is a rehearsal for urban warfare, and a violent distortion of traditional target shooting. Competitions are built around fantasy scenarios, with humanoid "bad guy" targets to be shot and similar "hostage" targets to be avoided. The Olympic movement is dedicated to non-violence, yet...

The big melt: how one democracy changed after scrapping a third of its firearms

Australia's massive experiment in gun control saw a million firearms, or one third of the nation's private arsenal destroyed, then a million new, but different guns imported. Sixteen years after firearm laws were tightened, gun homicide remains 50-60% lower, and the nation has not seen...