Arts funding

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Arts fund raising
National Program for Excellence in the Arts

To dream, to explore, to create: arts and culture plan South Australia 2019 - 2024

This plan acknowledges the commitment and practice of the artists and makers of South Australia and sets out a roadmap to navigate the next five years with six goals and priorities. It aims to guide the growth of and investment in the state’s leadership in...

Beijing cultural and creative industries white paper (2017)

This white paper summarises the cultural and creative industry development in Beijing in 2016. It analyses new features and trends in the industry and also provides guidelines to their future development.

Social impacts of culture and the arts WA: final report

Artistic and cultural organisations are increasingly being required to justify the funding they receive through the direct benefits associated with their activities. This report and its application are part of the further development of the overall Public Value Measurement model.

The big picture: public expenditure on artistic, cultural and creative activity in Australia

Establishing a baseline understanding of the quantum and trends in expenditure on culture by all levels of government over the last decade, this report presents findings and opportunities based on meaningful comparisons between different years, levels of government and areas of expenditure.

National mission on cultural mapping and roadmap 2017 - 2020

The mission document encompasses data mapping, demography building and formalises the processes of cultural activities. It includes strategic plan, action plan, and budget plan for the years 2017 - 2020.

Culture economy strategy

This document consists of plans and strategies for cultural economy expansion, constructed by Special Cultural Ecnomy Strategy Team in Cabinet Secretariat Japan in 2017, and responds to 'Partial Revisions to the Basic Act on the Promotion of Culture and the Arts'.

Policy of cultural affairs in Japan (Fiscal 2018)

This policy outlines the basic principles and strategies used in the Agency for Cultural Affairs. It introduces the foundations of cultural administration, promotion strategies for different sectors in the cultural and creative industries, and several case studies.

Basic plan on the promotion of culture and the arts (Phase 1)

This plan is the first plan based on the new 'Basic Act on the Promotion of Culture and the Arts' amended in June 2017. It contains four visions and six strategies for a five-year period from 2018 to 2022. This plan discusses and acknowledges both...

Measuring the economic value of cultural and creative industries

Cultural and creative industries are increasingly acknowledged as important components and drivers of growth in the modern, knowledge-based economy. However, these industries are also complex to define and the economic value remains difficult to measure—more difficult than many other industries which are more neatly characterised.

Tokyo vision for arts and culture

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has developed this strategy to guide the basic direction of cultural policies, looking ahead to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond.