Mesothelioma in Australia 2018: occupational asbestos exposure

This report presents information on occupational asbestos exposure in Australia, using data from the Australian Mesothelioma Registry (AMR). The report presents results for the three most commonly assigned job-specific modules (or ‘categories’) – ‘Trades’, ‘Land transport’ and ‘Water transport’.

Mesothelioma in Australia 2017

Mesothelioma in Australia – infocus presents the latest available information on the incidence of mesothelioma in Australia, along with mortality and information on previous asbestos exposure.

The economic burden of asbestos-related disease

This report, commissioned by the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, measures the medical and economic opportunity costs associated with asbestos-related disease. The report looks at the direct health care costs, as well as the cost of productivity and other losses resulting from time out of...

Case studies of significant asbestos removal projects: final report

This report presents eleven case studies of significant asbestos removal works in the built environment.
Journal article

Communicating with the public about the risks of naturally occurring asbestos

This article explores the application of evidence based risk communication to community messaging about naturally occurring asbestos (NOA).

Case studies of asbestos contaminated land: final report

This report presents seven case studies of removal and remediation of asbestos contaminated soils in a variety of settings, including large scale inner-city developments and regional landfill remediation.

National strategic plan for asbestos management and awareness: 2016-17 progress report

This report shows that the transparent and coordinated approach taken by all governments has had a positive impact, as they work towards the elimination of asbestos-related diseases in Australia.

Non-conforming building products - Protecting Australians from the threat of asbestos: interim report

This report recommends that through the Council of Australian Governments, the Australian government should pursue a coordinated and consistent whole of government approach to strengthen federal and state legislation and regulations to address the illegal importation of asbestos.
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Mesothelioma in Australia: cresting the third wave

There has been much recent commentary about the ‘third wave’ of asbestos-related disease, arising particularly from exposures of people repairing, renovating or demolishing buildings that contain asbestos. The presence and extent of a third wave, however, are difficult to assess, and the extent and risk...

National strategic plan for asbestos management and awareness 2014–18

Preventing the risk of asbestos exposure is important to all Australians. While the states and territories have taken steps to minimise exposure, predominantly in the workplace, this is the first time a national approach to asbestos eradication, handling and awareness is being pursued. The National...

In the shadow of the corporate veil: James Hardie and asbestos compensation

Significant fallout is likely from the NSW inquiry into the treatment of Australian asbestos victims by James Hardie Industries. Federal and State governments are already considering legislation to access James Hardie's overseas assets, and there are growing calls to 'lift the corporate veil' - fundamental...