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Policy report

A regrettable necessity: the future of Australian covert action

This paper analyses the most unexamined component of Australia’s international statecraft - covert action. Such activity by intelligence agencies has become an increased focus of academic research internationally, and the paper introduces an Australian perspective to the debate.

Collaborative and agile: intelligence community collaboration insights from the United Kingdom and the United States

The central aim of this report is to generate insights from the US and UK intelligence communities’ collaboration efforts. It identifies insights, so that members of Australia’s national intelligence community can use them to enhance the collaboration and agility for the purpose of giving Australian...
Policy report

Improving national security governance: options for strengthening Cabinet control and parliamentary oversight

This policy options paper proposes reforms to bolster the capacity of Australia's leaders to hold national security institutions accountable as Australia moves into an era of heightened strategic complexity and risk.

What is the AUKUS partnership?

This explainer article looks at the recently formed AUKUS defence partnership and examines what the relationship entails.

The Pacific Fusion Centre: the challenge of sharing information and intelligence in the Pacific

This report examines the Australian-sponsored Pacific Fusion Centre (PFC), which is due to open permanent offices in Vanuatu later this year.
Policy report

A 2020 vision for Five Eyes: new structures for new challenges

This paper recommends that the Australian government should leverage its Five Eyes partnerships and credibility as a constructive middle power to advocate for an expanded, more formally coordinated Five Eyes.

Cyber information sharing: building collective security

Over the past 10 years, significant strides have been made in facilitating better cyber information cooperation and sharing, including the emergence of a number of different operating models. This report examines barriers to the progress of greater information that will support the security and resilience...
Discussion paper

AUST-INTEL powers: parliamentary oversight of intelligence agencies

This discussion paper argues that parliamentary oversight of Australia’s intelligence agencies is weak, compared to others in the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence sharing alliance between Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, and that increased accountability and oversight measures should be considered.

ASIO's questioning and detention powers

This review focused upon whether there is a need for an ASIO questioning power in the current security context, and the interaction of ASIO’s questioning and detention powers with other counter-terrorism powers that have more recently been introduced.

Inquiry into the attendance of legal representatives at ASIO interviews, and related matters

An inquiry into the attendance of legal representatives at ASIO interviews, following a complaint which initiated the report. This report is an abridgement of a more comprehensive and detailed report that has been provided to the Attorney-General. This version of the report is unclassified and...

Dollars and sense: trends in ASIO resourcing

Australia's domestic security agency, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), is responsible for collecting and analysing intelligence of relevance to Australia's national security, and advising Government accordingly. As specified in the ASIO Act 1979, ASIO's investigations are restricted to only those activities involving espionage, sabotage...