Discussion paper

Participation and representation in the 2002 ATSIC elections

Will Sanders updates earlier work on participation and representation in ATSIC elections, adding analysis of the fifth round of ATSIC elections held in 2002. Will argues that overall voter turnout is reasonable given the voluntary nature of ATSIC elections. He discerns a distinctive geography of...
Discussion paper

The Tasmanian electoral roll trial in the 2002 ATSIC elections

ATSIC elections since 1990 have used the Commonwealth Electoral Roll as a large under-specified list of potential voters. Dissatisfaction with this arrangement within the Tasmanian Aboriginal community led to a trial roll of Indigenous electors being drawn up for the 2002 ATSIC elections in that...

ATSIC elections and democracy: administration, self-identification, participation and representation

In a paper prepared for the Democratic Audit of Australia Will Sanders concludes that, on grounds of electoral administration, participation and representation, ATSIC does deserves some support, as a reasonably democratic attempt to develop an elected national Indigenous representative structure. ATSIC elections do seem to...

Make or break? A background to the ATSIC changes and the ATSIC review

Australia's peak indigenous body, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), has been the focus of a great deal of media, political and public attention in recent months largely as a result of the changes to ATSIC announced by the Minister for Indigenous Affairs...