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Senate (Australia)


Representative, still: the role of the Senate in our democracy

This resource presents one of the most extensive studies of Australians’ knowledge of and attitudes towards the Australian Senate.

Parliamentary scrutiny of delegated legislation

The Senate Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances (the committee) has scrutinised legislation to guard against the inappropriate exercise of executive power for almost ninety years. This report makes a number of recommendations to improve the committee's existing scrutiny practices.

First, most and more: facts about the Federal Parliament

This research paper is designed to answer some of those frequently asked questions about who was the first, youngest, oldest, most often (and so forth) in Australian federal politics. This paper updates and adds to a 2014 Parliamentary Library Research paper entitled Selected political records...

Voters are back in charge in the Senate

A smaller crossbench and a few surprise wins are the likely result of the new voting system’s first half-Senate outing, writes Tim Colebatch.

45th Parliament: Parliamentary Handbook of the Commonwealth of Australia, 2017

This 34th edition of the Parliamentary Handbook sets out detailed information about the 45th Commonwealth Parliament. The parliamentary service and political careers of Senators and Members are presented, together with details of parliamentary committees and elections up to and including the July 2016 poll.

Appropriations and the powers of the Senate: a quick guide

There are two broad types of appropriation mechanism: annual appropriations, which are the subject of the Appropriation Acts tabled on Budget night and special appropriations, which are found in other legislation. This guide explains further.

Report on the conduct of the 2016 federal election and matters related thereto

This report addresses the remainder of the issues from the 2016 election. It looks at the effects of the double dissolution election and the Senate voting reforms. With the voting reform measures proving successful, the report considers the need for improvements to the count methodology...

The new Senate voting system and the 2016 election

This research paper outlines the recent history of Senate electoral reform in federal elections, including examining the reasons for the most recent changes to the Senate voting system.

Composition of the 45th Parliament: a quick guide

Key points This paper provides a brief overview of the party and gender composition of the 45th Parliament of Australia. A double dissolution election was held on 2 July 2016 whereby all seats in the House of Representatives andSenate were up for election. All seats...

Selected political records of the Commonwealth Parliament

This research paper is designed to answer some of those frequently asked questions about who was the first, youngest, oldest, most often, etc. in Australian federal politics. The focus is on records for the Commonwealth Parliament although a few significant records relate to members of...