Steel industry

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The role of knowledge in large Australian city – regions: a traditional industry in Greater Western Sydney and the Hunter Region

This paper explores the effects of territorial systems on the knowledge and innovation processes of industries traditionally regarded as low-knowledge intensive, in this case the steel industry.
Conference paper

Counterfeit, fraudulent and sub-standard materials: the case of steel in Norway

This study examined the presence of counterfeited, fraudulent and substandard (CFS) materials in the Norwegian construction industry and the characteristics of the construction industry that render it vulnerable. The interviewees believed that the industry is vulnerable because it is easily accessible for temporary and dishonest...
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Fact Check: Andrew Forrest exaggerating big miner influence over iron ore

Fortescue Metals Group chairman Andrew Forrest claims Australia is the world's biggest iron ore producer and has more control of iron ore than OPEC ever had of oil.

Start with steel: a practical plan to support carbon workers and cut emissions

Australia has an historic opportunity to create a multi-billion-dollar, export-focused manufacturing sector based on globally competitive renewable energy. This report outlines a practical plan that could be a win-win-win: it would create a new export industry, support carbon workers, and cut emissions.

Australia’s steel industry: forging ahead

This report makes recommendations aimed at maximising the competitiveness of the Australian steel industry and levelling the playing field so that Australian steel has the best opportunity to compete fairly in an increasingly globalised market.

Future of Australia's steel industry: interim report

This interim report presents an overview of the steel industry in Australia and the current challenges and pressures, with a particular focus on Arrium steel and the Whyalla region.

Digital steel

In February 2011, the then Steel Industry Innovation Council endorsed the need to map steel industry related research programs across tertiary institutions and research organisations in Australia. This reflected the industry-wide concern that while steel fabrication related innovation and research is being undertaken by Australian...