Back pain

Low back pain
Chronic back pain
Journal article

Feeling stiffness in the back: a protective perceptual inference in chronic back pain

Do you have a problem with chronic back pain? This research interrogates the long-held question of what informs our subjective experiences of bodily state.

Impacts of chronic back problems

Provides the latest detailed information on the impacts (in terms of quality of life and disability) of chronic back problems in Australia. Summary Chronic back problems are common conditions in Australia (16% of the total population) and cause of disability (28% of the total population...
Literature review

Evidence check: Principles of public health interventions to support injury recovery and return to productivity

This review examined the evidence for the effectiveness for public health interventions and identified principles and strategies which could be used in public health interventions for injured people. The review found evidence that self-efficacy and/or goal setting are potentially effective approaches that could be incorporated...
Fact sheet

Back problems: musculoskeletal fact sheet

Back problems are a range of conditions related to the bones, joints, connective tissue, muscles and nerves of the back. These conditions can affect the neck (cervical spine),upper back (thoracic spine) and lower back (lumbar spine) as well as the sacrum and tailbone (coccyx). Back...