Benefit system


What happened to people who left the benefit system during the year ended 30 June 2019

This report examines employment and other outcomes for people in the 12 months after they stopped receiving social welfare income support.

Literature scan on the economic effects of social protection expenditure

The purpose of this literature scan is to provide theoretical and evidential insights to a coalition (‘Coalition’) of non-government organisations (NGOs) with an interest in poverty into the microeconomic and long term macroeconomic growth effects of increases in social protection expenditure.

Analysis of the impact of raising benefit rates

This report, commissioned by the Australian Council of Social Service, considers the impact of boosting a range of allowance payments. It finds that the introduction of such a policy would have a range of ‘prosperity effects’, boosting the size of the economy and the number...
Policy report

Further fraying of the welfare safety net

Highlights key changes and identifies themes in the continued and systematic reduction of social welfare and income support for children in New Zealand since 2008.