China’s dire straits: no brothers in arms – part three

China and Russia have been brought together by their fear of a common adversary rather than for more positive reasons. They share far more suspicions about each other than they do reasons to combine forces.

Moving beyond rhetoric: understanding the practical consequence of a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement

This paper makes the case that Canadian policy-makers may not fully appreciate the pitfalls of pursuing free trade with China.

China, the United States and the Taiwan factor

This paper argues that the Chinese Communist Party sees the reintegration of Taiwan with the mainland as a sacred duty. As such, any declaration of Taiwanese independence would be a red line to Beijing, irrespective of whether Taiwan had foreign assistance in that endeavour or...
Policy report

Whither Indonesia's Indo-Pacific strategy?

This paper analyses Indonesia's overall Indo-Pacific strategy from the Yudhoyono to the Jokowi Adminsitration by examining various domestic considerations and their implications.

Evaluation of New Zealand’s Country Programme in PNG: Part III - linking farmers to markets

This report analyses and makes recommendations on issues of agriculture, market development and gobal markets in the context of New Zealand's engagement in PNG.

Why do we keep turning a blind eye to Chinese political interference?

The author of the controversial Silent Invasion argues it's not the book, but the reaction to it, that has highlighted something troubling in Australian intellectual life.
Working paper

Economic growth in China and its potential impact on Australia-China bilateral trade: a projection for 2025 based on the CGE analysis

This paper uses the GTAP Static model to predict the potential impact of economic growth in China on bilateral trade between China and Australia in 2025, under three different scenarios representing the business-as-usual, the successful reform and the stagnation cases respectively. The results show that...

The lion and the kangaroo: Australia’s strategic partnership with Singapore

The Australian government is enhancing its economic access to Southeast Asia in return for granting Singapore greater access to military training areas in Australia. Yet Singapore’s stock is also rising, for Australia, in the context of Southeast Asia’s growing strategic profile.