Briefing paper

Brexit and UK climate leadership: the emerging opportunities and challenges

This report from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership examines the opportunities and challenges for climate leadership in the context of Brexit. 
Briefing paper

The agreement on the future relationship: a first analysis

After years of negotiations, the United Kingdom and the European Union have struck a deal on their future relationship. This deal is one of the most critical agreements the UK will negotiate in the post-Brexit era. This paper offers a first attempt at assessing the...
Policy report

Brexit and coronavirus: economic impacts and policy response

Brexit and coronavirus are two shocks that are almost perfectly designed to substantially affect the entire UK economy. This paper argues that the UK government should restrict access to coronavirus support schemes to businesses affected by the pandemic, rather than those adjusting to Brexit changes.

The cost of data inadequacy

This report outlines the economic cost and implications of the UK not receiving an adequacy decision from the EU. The authors look at the impact on businesses, different economic sectors, and the wider economy.

Influencing the EU after Brexit

As the UK government attempts to negotiate a new partnership with the European Union (EU) it will have to rebuild its influence in Brussels. This report sets out how the UK can ensure it remains an influential voice in the EU once it no longer...

Is the UK getting innovation right?

This report represents the culmination of three months of public opinion research to understand attitudes to innovation. Whilst there is an existing body of evidence around public attitudes to science and technology, this research sought to build on this knowledge.

Getting the UK ready for the next phase of Brexit negotiations

Raoul Ruparel was special adviser on Europe to Prime Minister Theresa May between July 2018 and July 2019. This paper sets out his conclusions on the lessons learnt from the first round of Brexit negotiations, and his advice to the current prime minister as the...

Australian opinion on British exit from European Union

A majority of Australians think the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union, according to new Lowy Institute polling. In a decisive result, 51% of Australian adults say the United Kingdom ‘should remain a member of the European Union’, while only 19% say it...
Discussion paper

Emerging divisions on trade after Brexit

Brexit has exposed international trade – normally a policy area delegated to experts – to party politics, media scrutiny and public opinion. This report identifies major divisions and areas of uncertainty in public attitudes to trade.
Policy report

Bailout for business in a no-deal Brexit

As efforts to reach a withdrawal agreement with the EU reach a crescendo, government and business are also preparing frantically for the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. This report discusses the variety of harms that the government may want to address, and highlights some of...