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Fact Check: Greg Hunt says nearly 90 per cent of people receive their GP services for free. Is he correct?

Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt claimed that, under the Coalition, more Australians were being bulk-billed by their GP than under Labor. Verdict: Mr Hunt's claim is over-egged.
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Fact Check: Kristina Keneally says out-of-pocket costs to visit a GP have gone up 25 per cent under the Coalition Government. Is she correct?

A tweet by Labor Senator Kristina Keneally claims that, under the Morrison government, out-of-pocket costs to visit a GP are up by 25 per cent and out-of-pocket costs to visit a specialist are up by 40 per cent due to the Medicare freeze.
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Fact Check: Health Minister Greg Hunt said the bulk-billing rate is up and fewer patients have costs when they see a GP. Is he correct?

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt claims that GP bulk-billing rates have risen nearly four percentage points, up from 82.2 per cent under Labor to a record 86.1 per cent under the Coalition Government.
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Fact Check: Have bulk billing rates increased under the Coalition?

Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia Josh Frydenberg claims bulk billing rates have increased since the Coalition came to power, from an average of 79 per cent of services to 85 per cent.

Bulky billing: missing out on fair and affordable health care

When sick, the doctor is the first port of call for most Australians. In 2009-10 one in five visits to a GP resulted in extra fees over and above the Medicare scheduled fee. An estimated $557 million extra were paid for these visits. While the...

The economics of a two tier health system: a fairer Medicare?

Patricia Apps, Ray Rees and Elizabeth Savage analyse the Howard government's recent Medicare reform. {C} Using models of the physician's behaviour and of a household's demand for medical insurance under the proposed system, they argue that those most likely to be made worse off are...

The bulk billing crisis: a Victorian perspective

Thia report documents the decline in bulk billing rates, the increase in copayments, and the decrease in people visiting GPs for each Victorian federal electorate. It also documents the level of socioeconomic disadvantage and wellbeing for each Victorian federal electorate and for each Victorian local...

Senate Select Committee on Medicare: submission by the Health Issues Centre

The primary focus of the Health Issues Centre's submission is to examine the most cost-effective and equitable way to restore bulk-billing by GPs. The centre recommended that the 30% rebate for private health insurance be scrapped, and the $2.26 billion saved be redirected to: restoring...