Alternate Term Label:
Culturally and linguistically diverse
Non-English speaking background

The housing aspirations of Australians across the life-course: closing the ‘housing aspirations gap’

This report explores the housing constraints facing diverse populations of lower income Australians and to establish how existing and innovative housing solutions can support their shelter and non-shelter aspirations across the life-course from young adulthood to later-life.
Briefing paper

Ethnic inequalities in children and young people’s access to disability-related support

This briefing paper investigates ethnic inequality in two forms of support for disabled children and young people in New Zealand.
Discussion paper

Putting language in place: improving the Adult Migrant English Program

This paper provides important context for the changes to the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) announced by the federal government this month, which include expanding eligibility to accessing the AMEP and relaxing the timeframe in which people can access this support. It builds on conversations...

Who gets to tell Australian stories?

This report provides the first comprehensive picture of who tells, frames and produces stories in Australian television news and current affairs. It spotlights the experiences and representation of culturally diverse television news and current affairs staff. It is also the first forensic examination of how...
Journal article

Association between region of birth and advance care planning documentation among older Australian migrant communities: a multi-center audit study

Abstract: Objectives: This study explored associations between birth region, socio-demographic predictors and advance care planning (ACP) uptake. Methods: A prospective, multi-center, cross-sectional audit study of 100 sites across eight Australian jurisdictions. ACP documentation was audited in the health records of people aged 65 years or...

Impact of COVID-19 on migrant and refugee women and children experiencing DFV

This report from Women's Safety NSW offers the experiences and professional observations of multicultural domestic and family violence specialists supporting hundreds of migrant and refugee women this critical time.

Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2020–2030

This strategic plan provides the foundation for a transparent 10-year blueprint for youth Justice, detailing the reform directions, objectives and key actions for the Victorian youth justice system.

Locked down and locked out?

During the March-April 2020 lockdown period, the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) interviewed 41 young people from 17 different cultural backgrounds, connected with their 'Employment Empowers' program. The findings outlined in this report provide a snapshot of the experiences of young people from refugee and...

Ageing in multicultural Western Australia

The challenges faced by older Western Australians from culturally diverse backgrounds are highlighted in this report, which has been prepared to assist with service planning and work to combat ageism, discrimination and financial stress.