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Car industry

Automobile industry and trade
Mitsubishi Motors

Driving a fairer deal: regulation of the relationship between car manufacturers and car dealers in Australia

This report primarily considers the impact of GM Holden's decision to cease distributing cars, the broader relationships between car manufacturers and dealers, and the adequacy of the current regulatory regime upon those relationships.

State of electric vehicles 2020

This report provides a snapshot of the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Australia with analysis and data on the EV market, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sector, charging infrastructure, mining and manufacturing, energy and environment, and government policy.
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Fact Check: Would losing the car industry cost more than maintaining it, as Kim Carr claims?

Opposition Industry Minister Kim Carr claims economic modelling shows it would cost more money to lose the car industry than it would to subsidise it.
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Fact Check: Nick Xenophon not telling the full story on price of Australian cars overseas

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon claims a Ford Territory that sells for $38,000 to $40,000 in Australia costs over $100,000 in Thailand.
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Fact Check: Kevin Rudd takes car subsidy figures out of context

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Australia's assistance to the car manufacturing industry is one of the lowest in the world. He claims car industry assistance is $18 per head per year in Australia, $90 in the United States and $96 in Germany.
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Fact Check: Bill Shorten's car subsidy numbers irrelevant, outdated

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten claims the level of subsides provided to car makers in Australia is lower than in other countries.

The transition of the Australian car manufacturing sector

This report outlines how former car manufacturing workers are taking up new opportunities in the workforce and examines the best practices to support workers into new jobs.

State of electric vehicles 2019

Australia continues to have no national electric vehicle policy, despite such policy being instrumental to the success of markets with strong electric vehicle adoption rates. This report provides data and insights into the electric vehicle industry in Australia and highlights the actions taken and needed...
Discussion paper

Filling legislative gaps in automated vehicles

This paper provides an overview of recent legislative trends to legalise automated vehicles (AV) operations, and explores possible challenges the community pursuing AV deployment will have to address, particularly by focusing on the non-technological aspects.
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New car CO2 standards: Is the job of securing electric cars in Europe done?

This analysis shows that the final rules agreed on how zero and low-emission cars are counted towards the Cars CO2 regulation in the European Union – i.e. the multiplier for plug-in hybrids, double-counting in some markets as well as the potential inclusion of Norway –...