Car parking


Administration of commuter car park projects within the Urban Congestion Fund

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the administration of the commuter car park projects within the Urban Congestion Fund. The audit finds that the approach to identifying and selecting commuter car park projects for funding commitment was not appropriate, as...
Working paper

Social norms or enforcement? A natural field experiment to improve traffic and parking fine compliance

Very little is known about the efficient collection of fines, despite their indispensable contribution to local government budgets. This paper fills a gap in the literature by studying the effectiveness of deterrence (enforcement) and non-deterrence (social norms) letters that aim to improve the collection of...
Conference paper

Socialising parking: public opportunities via regulated market approaches

Market-based car parking policy is one of key fulcrums of transformational change towards sustainable and ethical urban futures. This paper examines parking policy approaches in Japanese cities that might broaden the possibilities of parking approaches and the urban relations they (re)produce.

Parking requirement impacts on housing affordability

This report examines the impacts of residential parking requirements (the number of off-street parking spaces mandated at a particular location) on housing affordability. It also describes more efficient and equitable strategies that support social and environmental goals.

Pavement parking

This report looks into what the UK Government can do to address pedestrian safety issues associated with pavement parking.

$500m for station car parks? Other transport solutions could do much more for the money

Half a billion dollars sounds like a lot of money, but that really depends on what you’re spending it on.
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Transport Strategy Refresh: background paper – car parking

This discussion paper is to inform a new City of Melbourne Transport Strategy to 2050. A draft strategy will be released for consultation in 2018.
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Moving towards transformative strategic planning for car parking: Approaches in Perth and Melbourne

There is a need to re-examine car parking policies in Australian cities as the allocation of excessive or inappropriate forms of parking comes with significant opportunity costs. This includes inhibiting priority of active and sustainable transport modes and implementation of equitable spatial, housing and community...
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Parking and access issues in transit oriented developments

Reviewing Perth’s current strategy of providing park-and-ride-facilities and promoting transit oriented developments, this paper examines the planning issues relating to parking and access around transit nodes.