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Child neglect

Neglected child

The case for change: integrated prevention and response to violence, abuse and neglect in NSW Health

This resource presents a discussion of the evidence driving integrated prevention and response to violence, abuse and neglect in NSW, and aims to support NSW Health and partner organisations to “champion” integrated care initiatives through a shared understanding of the nature and impacts of clients’...

Integrated prevention and response to violence, abuse and neglect: framework

This framework outlines the vision, guiding principles, objectives and strategic priorities to strengthen NSW Health response to violence, abuse and neglect. It is underpinned by a comprehensive evidence base and was developed through a co-design process with extensive consultation​.​​​​​

The JIRT partnership - 20 years on

The NSW Ombudsman has tabled this progress report on the response to the 2017 inquiry into the operation of the Joint Investigation Response Team (JIRT), a tri-agency program delivered by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), the NSW Police Force and NSW Health.

Protecting children is everyone's business: the national framework for protecting Australia’s children (2009-2020)

All Australian governments have endorsed the first National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020 and are committed to implementing the initial actions it contains. It is a long-term, national approach to help protect all Australian children. The National Framework represents an unprecedented level of collaboration...
Policy report

South Australian Early Intervention Research Directorate (EIRD) Case File Review Research

This study aimed to provide a better understanding of the concerns being raised to the Department of Child Protection about unborn children, to examine patterns of risk factors, to identify subsequent child protection involvement for these children, and to study patterns in the data to...

Child neglect: key concepts and risk factors

This report provides an overview of the key concepts in defining neglect and a systematic review of reviews investigating the common risk factors for neglect.
Fact sheet

Prevention of child abuse and neglect

Produced in partnership with NAPCAN, this resource provides an overview of prevention of child abuse and neglect, with a focus on primary prevention.

The public health approach to preventing child maltreatment

A public health approach aims to prevent or reduce a particular illness or social problem in a population by identifying risk indicators. It is an approach that aims to prevent problems occurring in the first place, quickly respond to problems if they do occur, and...

Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect

This guide oulines legal provisions requiring specified people to report suspected abuse and neglect to government child protection services in Australia. Mandatory reporting is a term used to describe the legislative requirement imposed on selected classes of people to report suspected cases of child abuse...

Child abuse and neglect: a socio-legal study of mandatory reporting in Australia (report prepared for the Tasmania department of health and human services)

This report for the Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services is volume 7 of 'Child Abuse And Neglect: A Socio-legal Study of Mandatory Reporting in Australia'. This study aims to explore trends in the reporting of child abuse and neglect by different reporter groups...