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Child safety


Victoria’s new Child Safe Standards

New Child Safe Standards to strengthen child safety will commence in Victoria on 1 July 2022. This policy document outlines the changes that organisations covered by the Standards will need to enact to comply.

New child safety standards: regulation with standards and why the mission is important

Regulatory standards are an effective way for regulators to address harms across society, and Victoria’s new Child Safe Standards aim to address issues on abuse within institutions. This article outlines how regulators will use the standards to create safer environments for children.

10 National Principles for child safe organisations: a guide for psychologists

This resource offers suggestions on how to promote child safety by working with the professional and support staff in an organisation. Each page outlines one of the 10 National Principles and gives examples of how to apply to practice and strengthen processes to improve safety...

Children and young people’s safety: 2018-2020 report

The Children and Young People’s Safety (CAYPS) project is an on-going research engagement tool, developed by the Institute of Child Protection Studies, at the Australian Catholic University. The findings in this report are based on data collected for CAYPS during 2018-2020

Keeping our kids safe: cultural safety and the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations

This resource is intended to support organisations engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to implement the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations in a culturally-safe way.

Expenditure on children in the Northern Territory: study report

This report looks at how the safety and wellbeing of children in the Northern Territory can be improved. The focus is on how the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments can work better together to fund services.

Protecting the age of innocence

Access to online pornography and wagering would be restricted through mandatory age verification, under the recommendations in this Social Policy and Legal Affairs committee report.

New Zealand children’s experiences of online risks and their perceptions of harm

This research report presents findings from a quantitative study regarding different aspects related to risks and online safety. It looks at the online experiences that children find bothersome and upsetting and explores the hurtful behaviours they encounter or engage in, both online and in person.
Briefing paper

NSW children and young people in out-of-home care in 2018: a summary of their views and experiences

This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note presents summary results from two state-wide surveys conducted in 2018 by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) (formerly Family and Community Services or FACS).

Complaint handling guide: upholding the rights of children and young people

This guide is made up of nine separate guidelines reflecting the key considerations for implementing an effective complaint management system which upholds the rights of children and young people. There is a range of practical tips throughout the guide. Additional advice and tools can be...