Climate change adaptation

Adaptive capacity
Climate resilience
The Climate Change Innovation Collection is a repository of innovative approaches to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change, and has been established to feed for the Virtual Hub for Climate Change Innovation:

London: a just transition city

This report, the result of a unique project between IPPR and London Citizens, sets out the results of an extensive listening campaign on the priorities for the next Mayor of London. It charts how action on the climate crisis could help the capital to ‘build...

Clean resilient states: the role of U.S. states in addressing climate action

U.S. states have always played an important role in setting the nation’s energy and climate policies. This paper discusses how key measures of emissions reductions, clean growth, and energy resilience may shape perceptions about state performance in addressing climate change imperatives.
Discussion paper

Chasing the pack: Australia's prospects on green trade and climate diplomacy

This paper analyses how Australia’s immediate economic and diplomatic future could be defined by global activity around climate diplomacy, green trade and low-carbon investment.
Draft report

Climate Change Commission: 2021 draft advice for consultation

This report contains the draft advice of He Pou a Rangi – the Climate Change Commission. It includes advice on the first three emissions budgets and the government’s first emissions reduction plan. Together, these lay out the course for reducing emissions in Aotearoa and set...

Economics of utility-scale solar in Aotearoa New Zealand

This study contributes to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s development of the Electricity Demand and Generation Scenarios (EDGS). It does so by providing a forecast of potential utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar electricity generation in New Zealand, with accompanying detailed information such as size...

Climate change and health: preparing for the next disaster

Australia is warmer than it was a hundred years ago. This warming is harming the health and well-being of Australians right now. This report shows how the health sector can better prepare for the effects of climate change, and how it should lead by reducing...

Exploring plausible futures for aquaculture and fisheries in New Zealand

Although a global coronavirus pandemic was always a possibility, few probabilistic models would have predicted that this event would occur in early-2020. The magnitude, timing, and velocity of climate-related impacts are similarly uncertain. This report presents climate-related risk scenarios developed by KPMG with The Aotearoa...

Climate crisis, equitable engagement, inclusive cities: rethinking urban mobility

In this ebook, Canadian-based urban scholar Shauna Brail, addresses the grand challenge of serving people’s mobility needs in cities while grappling with climate change impacts.
Conference paper

Planning for the storm: how confronting global warming changes urban planning

Much has been written about ‘sustainability’ and, as a result the discourse is replete with uncertainties, contradictions and confusion. This paper focuses on a single sustainability problem and the change in planning required to confront it.