Discussion paper

Western Australian government intellectual property policy review: discussion paper

The Western Australian intellectual property (IP) policy review aims to develop an outcomes-focused IP policy that reflects best practice and encourages innovation by the public sector and guide public sector agencies to create beneficial outcomes by developing and commercialising IP. This discussion paper outlines proposed...

University research commercialisation: action plan

This strategy document aims to ensure that Australia’s universities play a bigger role in the nation's economy, working with Australian businesses to develop the next generation of great Australian products and companies.

The commercialisation of CSIRO energy efficiency policy adoption diffusion modelling

This paper is a review of the potential commercialisation and adoption pathways for a suite of energy efficiency policy-uptake modelling capabilities from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO). Common Capital undertook this review for the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living...

Fifteen living labs across Australia. Final synthesis report on CRC LCL project RP3045

Fifteen Living Laboratories have been developed across Australia over the past 5 years under the auspices of the CRC for Low Carbon Living. The establishment of the Living Labs has been a significant investment and this report outlines the Living Labs and proposes a model...

The commercialisation in public schooling - an Australian study: final report summary

This report reveals teachers are concerned about the influence commercialisation is having in schools.
Discussion paper

Boosting the commercial returns from research

This discussion paper has been released to seek consultation on options to support the translation of research into commercial outcomes. As part of its Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda, the Australian Government will develop and implement a strategy to improve Australia’s economic performance through better...

Commercial water and Indigenous Australians: a scoping study of licence allocations

This report is the outcome of a scoping exercise commissioned by the National Water Commission (NWC) to determine the water licences and allocations to Indigenous people for commercial use across all States and Territories (except the Australian Capital Territory) in Australia. This preliminary study was...

Indigenous property rights in commercial fisheries

Through a detailed comparison with Canada and New Zealand, Melanie Durette demonstrates that the Australian government's approach to Indigenous customary and commercial fishing rights stands outside developments in other Commonwealth countries. The paper focuses on commercial fishing in particular as an opportunity for Indigenous people...

Backing Australia's ability: the Australian government's innovation report 2005-06

PRIME MINISTER’S FOREWORD The Australian Government is committed to the future prosperity of our nation and to fostering and improving our record of innovation. It is only through a world-class education and skills development system, and access to the best ideas and technology in the...

Commercial development of Indigenous land

Jon Altman and Mike Dillon explore the role of government as risk manager for commercial development and resource management on Indigenous land, and outline the principles that must underpin any intervention program. They propose a new investment scheme to assist development and natural resource management...

Commercialising Australian biotechnology

Michael Vitale delves into the process of commercialising Australian biotechnology, both the critical success factors and the obstacles, to paint a picture of the business reality for Australian emerging technology start-ups. Are the odds stacked against Australian biotech innovators? Or can they overcome the lack...