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New Zealand and Federation

While New Zealand participated in the Australasian Federation Conference convened in Melbourne in 1890, it had little real enthusiasm for the prospect of federating with the Australian colonies. Dianne Heriot explains.

The Commonwealth connection: extending India’s outreach?

India’s involvement in Pacific regional bodies and organisations, often overlapping, demonstrates the extent of its outreach. India must now decide, in light of the outreach aims of the 2018 London CHOGM, where its efforts may best be directed.

Review of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum

The Commonwealth Local Government Forum Pacific Programme (CLGF Pacific) is a regional programme supporting decentralisation and advocating for local government in Commonwealth countries. The second phase of the CLGF Pacific programme has been funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme since 2011. The CGLF Pacific...
Conference paper

Finding solutions to the commonwealth's regulation gap

This paper proposes a number of possible solutions to planning regulation issues between Commonwealth and state Governments.