Community broadcasting

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Community radio

The future delivery of radio services in Australia

This submission responds to the ACMA’s Future Delivery of Radio in Australia Issues Paper, published in April 2019. It considers the regulatory framework which underpins Indigenous broadcasting in Australia and the drivers and impact of changing audience needs.

The future of community television

What does the future hold for community television? It's shaking off its hokey image and gaining more and more viewers across Australia, but at the same time it's also beginning to lose audience share as consumers switch from analogue to digital. Marooned for the moment...

More than radio – a community asset: social return on investment analyses of Indigenous broadcasting services

The purpose of this project was to forecast the return on investment over three years of a very remote, a regional and an urban Indigenous Broadcasting Service (IBS) by understanding, estimating and valuing their impact on stakeholders.

Final evaluation of the Lafaek Community Media for Rural Economic Development

This report evaluates the 2010-2013 NZAP funded Lafaek Community Media for Rural Economic Development project undertaken in selected sucos (villages) and aldeias (communities) in the districts of Bobonaro, Covalima, Ermera, and Likisa in Timor Leste. Implemented by CARE International Timor Leste, the project aimed to...

Radio in the bush: a study of radio listening in remote Western Australia

The ACMA undertook quantitative research in 2016 to examine the role of AM radio in the contemporary communications environment. Radio in the bush—A study of radio listening in remote Western Australia explores the radio listening habits of people living in remote and very remote Western...
Journal article

Bottom-up and inside-out: using participatory methodology to measure the social impact of a radio engagement project with young people of refugee experience

This article focuses specifically on the use of participatory monitoring and evaluation processes as a method for determining the social impact of community radio projects.
Journal article

What I know now: radio as a means of empowerment for women of lived prison experience

This article outlines the findings from the first stage of a grassroots action research project conducted with a support group for women of lived prison experience, based in Adelaide, South Australia, to investigate radio production as a means for supporting women in their transition to...
Conference paper

Community participation in the development of digital radio: the Australian experience

This paper filters recent developments in digital radio policy and implementation through the perspectives of community radio stakeholders, obtained through interviews, to describe and analyse these constraints.
Conference paper

According to the degree of influence': Why regional commercial radio is more heavily regulated than metropolitan commercial television

This paper considers the effects of the most recent changes to the broadcasting regulatory regime in Australia, and compares the outcomes for commercial television broadcasters with those for commercial radio broadcasters. It begins by reviewing the path to the current regime and highlighting the differences...
Working paper

Powerhouse radio show: finding solutions to resettlement challenges through a pilot radio project

This working paper focuses on how engagement in media production, through a community radio project, can assist in the settlement experiences of young people of refugee background.