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Missing numbers in children’s services

This report explores what data is available on children’s centres and youth services, and how government might overcome the barriers they face improving this data.

All together: a new future for commissioning human services in New South Wales

Since the late 1990s, the term 'commissioning' as a concept and practice has steadily gained ground. What can good commissioning look like in NSW? And what can government agencies, service providers and peak bodies do to bring this to life? These are the key questions...
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Fact Check: Do eight out of 10 taxpayers pay for Australia's social services bill?

Treasurer Scott Morrison claims Australia has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.
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Community services responses to COVID-19

Uniting Vic.Tas (UVT) and the Centre for Social Impact have been collating data about the strategies UVT has put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. This raft of protective strategies is designed to protect consumers and staff.
Briefing paper

Justice Connect COVID-19 response briefing note

This briefing paper aims to provide guidance to community organisations on some of the most pressing issues raised by COVID-19, including employment, contracts and insurance.

Client violence towards workers in the child, family and community welfare sector

This paper explores the prevalence and presentation of client violence towards workers, considering any violent or aggressive behaviour from clients, direct associates of clients, and friends or family members of clients. It compares current research to official data reports, and considers why there might be...

Love’s labours found: industrial strategy for social care and the everyday economy

The United Kingdom’s industrial strategy focuses on high-tech, advanced industries. This paper argues that if the government really wants to improve productivity and address regional divides in the UK, it needs to stop ignoring ‘everyday’ sectors like social care. These sectors not only employ large...

Bullying in the SA health and community services sector

The purpose of this report is to provide key findings relevant to workplace bullying based on data obtained from all Australian states and territories in the year 2014/2015.
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In search of services to address family and sexual violence in Lae communities

The authors conducted research in Lae for three weeks in April to explore the connections between women’s experiences of seeking support to address family and sexual violence (FSV) in their lives, and their children’s wellbeing and opportunities for education.

Facilitating adaptation: lessons learnt from engaging and supporting the primary health and community services sector in climate change adaptation

The Implementing Adaptation project produced an extensive review of relevant literature on the impacts of climate change on the primary health and community services sector. The review found that the impacts of climate change for primary health care and community welfare sectors will mainly be...