Conflict of interest

Vested interests


Operation Clara: special report

Operation Clara was an investigation by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC). This report highlights the need for reforms to the regulation of lobbying in Victoria and makes recommendations to ensure those regulations are in step with other states and territories.

The firm and the FDA: McKinsey and Company’s conflicts of interest at the heart of the opioid epidemic

The Committee’s investigation has uncovered significant, years-long conflicts of interest at McKinsey, resulting from its work for the federal government at the same time it was advising opioid manufacturers, including providing advice on how to influence the regulatory decisions of the U.S. Food and Drug...
Briefing paper

Improving ethical standards in government

This report calls for new rules to extend the prohibition on former cabinet ministers lobbying government, new enforcement powers to ensure ministerial rules are followed, and greater transparency surrounding the outside interests of civil servants.

Investigations into allegations of nepotism in government schools

This report draws attention to a problem that has become a regular subject of ‘public interest disclosures’ to the Ombudsman – nepotism in government schools. It highlights the need for school principals and staff to check and follow integrity obligations, and the need for public...
Journal article

A framework for ethical procurement of construction projects in Nigerian Federal Universities

This study aims at developing a framework to mediate the large negative effects of unethical procurement practices on construction project developments. Findings revealed conflict of interest factors had large negative effects on procurement of construction and infrastructural projects, and ethical procurement practices identified and introduced...

Conflicts of interest and disclosure

This research paper argues that any proposed policy action to manage conflicts of interest should ideally undergo further testing in the field in which it will be implemented to assess the likely real-world impact. This would improve the design of the policy and monitor the...

The Cairns Regional Council councillor conflicts of interest report

This report outlines the findings of an investigation into whether Cairns Regional Council and its councillors comply with relevant legislative and policy requirements and act reasonably in relation to the disclosure and management of councillors’ conflicts of interest.

Investigation into allegations of improper conduct by officers at the Mount Buller and Mount Stirling Resort Management Board

It is a truism that taxpayers’ money should not be used for personal gain. This should be ingrained into every person employed on the public purse, but as this, and so many other Ombudsman investigations in past years illustrate, it is not always the case...

Decision taking in times of uncertainty

The focus on knowledge tends to underestimate the social dimensions of the decision making process and conceptualises them as being separate from the production of ‘objective’ knowledge. Because—as social science research has shown—knowledge is inseparable from values, power and vested interests, they can only be...