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Winning the web: how Beijing exploits search results to shape views of Xinjiang and COVID-19

The Chinese government commands a robust communication machine, including traditional global media outlets available in dozens of languages, China’s so-called 'wolf warrior' diplomats, pro-government trolls, and paid social media influencers. To better understand how primed keywords can lead search engine users to state media, this...

Digital inclusion in Western Australia: what we heard

This report highlights key findings from the Western Australian government's community consultation on a draft Digital Inclusion Blueprint.

Securing the subsea network: a primer for policymakers

This guide for policymakers describes subsea cables' essential functions, planning processes and common threats. It also outlines the economic and strategic interests at stake, and offers some recommendations for protecting America's centrality in subsea networks.

Riding the digital wave: report on COVID-19 trends and forward work program

The report sets out the Council’s methodology for analysing digital connectivity and adoption across key sectors of the economy, and priorities for its initial program of work, including supporting economic recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

Inquiries into NBN access pricing and wholesale service standards: final report

This report sets out the ACCC's findings in respect to their public inquiries into National Broadband Network (NBN) entry level pricing and NBN wholesale service standards.
Working paper

Affordability of communications services for low income households

In 2017, the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research found that the affordability of communications services in Australia had improved overall. In general, consumers were getting better value as prices stayed the same or fell, while product inclusions (such as data) increased. This paper updates...

Improving connectivity for biodiversity across the City of Melbourne: a framework for evaluating and planning management actions

This report contains a methodological framework to measure habitat connectivity for a series of key animal groups across an urban landscape. The report contains a summary of the recent science for measuring habitat connectivity, things to consider when using this approach and worked examples.

The internet of things connectivity binge: what are the implications?

Connection begets connection. The Internet of Things is in full flower but does that leave it vulnerable to cyberattack?
Fact sheet

Mobile fact sheet

In contrast to the largely stationary internet of the early 2000s, Americans today are increasingly connected to the world of digital information while “on the go” via smartphones and other mobile devices. Explore the patterns and trends that have shaped the mobile revolution via the...

Super connected jobs: understanding Australia’s future workforce

This study has uncovered the distinct skill sets which represent Australia’s future jobs in the digital age and explores how the potential for universal access to fast broadband can shape the future workforce and liberate employees from the confines of set working hours or places.​​​​​​​
Conference paper

Digital suburbs? Some policy implications of greater domestic connectivity

This paper seeks to present whether domestic broadband has seen more people to work from home and use internet based services or has led to the physicality of service provision, job access and socialisation to be even more important.
Conference paper

Web based communication and online social networking in the NSW planning system 2

This paper provides a longitudinal comparison of the types of web based communication, including social media and smart-phone applications being employed by Local Government in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, and investigates the activity and sentiment of twitter accounts for a sample of local government...