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Talk isn’t cheap: making consultants’ reports publicly available via Senate order

The Australian government is spending dramatically more on contracts with consultancies than it did a few years ago. This paper argues that when the federal government does spend public money on consultancy reports and research, that advice should be published so it can be weighed...

Managing consultants: a guide for working with consultants in government

This guide attempts to provide high-level and practical tips for those in government working with consultants, rather than offering detailed analysis of the government’s use of consultants or recommendations for reform.
Conference paper

Exploring interdisciplinary collaboration in the detailed design phase of construction projects

Theoretically, collaboration has been studied from a variety of perspectives grouped into normative and practice-based approaches that have enhanced the research field at the inter-organisational macro-level, but there is no consensus on a framework to measure collaboration empirically in the field. Therefore, the aim of...

Managing consultants: a practical guide for busy public sector managers

The first edition of this book attracted a record number of online hits. Busy public sector managers now have available to them an updated version that integrates an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that incorporates the many practical tips needed for successful procurement activity.
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Streamlining the planning process and supporting local identity and character - can the two exist?

This paper outlines preliminary research that explored 16 community strategic plans in the context of how they inform land use planning and concluded that there is much work to do.
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Commercialisation of research activities in the humanities, arts and social sciences in Australia

Executive summary This report describes the commercial activities and examines the impediments and incentives facing humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) researchers and educators at the tertiary level in Australia. It is a snapshot of who is commercialising research and how they approach this task...