Consumer choice


Discussion paper

The role of Buy Now Pay Later services in enhancing competition in the Australian economy

This paper examines the current status of consumer credit and the market for Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) credit products.

"Care that is right for me": A resource for working with aged care consumers

As part of its responsibilities for protecting and enhancing the safety, health, well-being and quality of life of aged care consumers, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) has identified and developed a range of best practice strategies and tools for providers of...

A new residential aged care accommodation framework: COTA Australia response

This submission is a response to the Australian Department of Health's aged care reform 2021 consultation paper and advocates for an accommodation framework that encourages innovation, consumer choice and control, and facilitates a variety of accommodation models responsive to consumer preferences.

Right to repair: Productivity Commission inquiry report

This report sets out the Productivity Commission’s findings and recommendations on the issue of a right to repair in Australia. The focus has been on whether there are barriers to repair that may require a government policy response, either through existing or new laws.

Towards a wellbeing approach to consumer policy in Australia

This two-part report offers insights for policy-makers on changing the expectations and experiences of Australian consumers, as well as what market governance might look like when a wellbeing approach is applied.
Working paper

Labelling and information schemes for the circular economy

Circular Economy Labels and Information Schemes (CELIS) compose the group of labels, certifications, standards of information schemes that fully or partially address one or more resource efficiency or circular economy elements. This paper provides an overview of the current CELIS landscape, assesses the drivers and...

Consumer experiences of self-managing a home care package

This research investigates consumers’ experiences of self-managing a home care package.
Draft report

Right to repair: Productivity Commission draft report

This draft report assesses the case for a right to repair in Australia, with a focus on whether consumers face any unnecessary barriers to repair that require a government policy response.

Repair Design: a UTS design studies project

The 'Repair Design' project opens up informed, realistic and meaningful public discourse about repair practices, capacities and limitations in an Australian context. This research reframes repair as a design practice, and in doing so openly acknowledges design’s culpability in environmental degradation and waste.

Picking peaches: service quality in the Victorian energy market

This report provides a summary of the findings from a collaborative research project between RMIT’s Behavioural Business Lab and the Consumer Policy Research Centre. This research has produced unique empirical data about the value of service quality and how it affects consumer choice in the...
Literature review

Consumer engagement in aged care: literature review

This literature review examines published peer-reviewed articles and a broader set of literature, including strategies, reports, guidelines and toolkits to gain an understanding of existing models of co-design that have been successfully applied in a range of sectors and which could be applied in Australian...

Consumer engagement in aged care - survey report

The purpose of this report is to describe the key themes and findings from online surveys of aged care consumers and aged care providers, regarding best practice models for engagement between consumers and providers.
Systematic review

Digital services and communication platforms for residential energy customer engagement: rapid meta-review

The main question guiding this rapid review was: “Drawing on secondary literature that employs systematic review and meta-analytic approaches, what do we know about digital services and communication platforms that allow for residential customer engagement and interaction with the energy system?”
Systematic review

Digital services and communication platforms for residential energy customer engagement in Australia: rapid review

The main question guiding this rapid review was: “Drawing on primary and secondary literature employing various approaches, what do we know about digital services and communication platforms that allow for residential customer engagement and interaction with the energy system in Australia?”
Journal article

Competition: it's all about the consumer

Robert Fitzgerald AM, Commissioner with the Productivity Commission and SVA Board member, talks with Stuart Lloyd-Hurwitz, SVA Consulting’s Executive Director, about competition and contestability in the social sector and how it’s all about providing more consumer choice.

Mapping the adoption processes of energy efficient products in the residential sector: final report

This report provides a summary of the research activities in the research project RP3028: A Virtual Market for Analysing the Uptake of Energy Efficiency Measures in Residential and Commercial Sectors. To enable the development of policy programs to increase adoption of energy-efficient products, there is...

The Choice is Yours campaign: evaluation report

This evaluation provides feedback from people living with HIV (PLHIV) and HIV service partners on the effectiveness of 'The Choice is Yours' campaign.

Introducing competition and informed user choice into human services: identifying sectors for reform

The Commission has been asked to examine whether the efficiency and effectiveness of human services could be improved by introducing greater competition, contestability and informed user choice. The terms of reference request that the inquiry be undertaken in two parts: the first is to identify...

Cost, status, service and sustainability, changing expectations around Australian funeral practice

This article explores a DIY funeral scenario, and what its potential might mean for consumers and for funeral practice in today’s context.
Policy report

Review of data security, consent and opt-outs

Recommendations to strengthen security of health and care information and ensure people can make informed choices about how their data is used.
Conference paper

Factors influencing public transport use: a study of university commuters' travel and mode choice behaviours

This study examines travel patterns and identifies factors that influence commuters’ choice of travel mode, using web-based surveys conducted in two consecutive years of 2013 and 2014 in the University of Queensland (UQ).
Conference paper

The function of individual factors on travel behaviour: comparative studies on Perth and Shanghai

The aim of this paper is to provide an understanding of the extent that personal travel behaviour is affected by individual factors such as socio-economic characteristics and travel attitudes rather than by external factors such as land use system and the transport system.