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Briefing paper

Creativity and the future of work

Our future economy will be built on creativity and technology. With artificial intelligence taking over routine tasks, there will be immense opportunities for people who combine creative, technical and social skills - skills that are resilient to future automation. This paper looks at the skills...

MakeHers: engaging girls and women in technology through making, creating, and inventing

This report examines how participation in maker activities can help girls and women develop skills and provide a bridge to potential careers in computer science and engineering. It examines the nature and drivers of female involvement in the maker movement and considers how that involvement...

A snapshot of China’s creative industries

Provides an overview of China’s visual arts, live entertainment, film and video, video games and VR/AR sectors.
Data portal

Electorate profiles - arts and culture

This online resource is the latest addition to the Australia Council's strong body of research about the arts, which is publicly available on the Arts Nation research hub. This new interactive resource provides information on arts and culture in each of Australia’s 150 federal electorate...

Connecting Australians: results of the National Arts Participation Survey, June 2017

Measures Australian engagement with the arts in 2016, confirming both its personal and social value.

The ACCC's changing communications and media landscape

In the 2006 La Trobe University Media Lecture, Graeme Samuel discusses the process of transformation in the media industry, which has largely been driven by advances in communications technology that are redefining how we produce and consume media ? from home grown entertainment to news...

Convergence, media and the ACCC

In this address to Morgan Stanley Analysts, the ACCC’s Ed Willett describes how, in light of the Minister for Communications’ discussion paper Meeting the digital challenge, the commission is considering how the Trade Practices Act would apply to cross media mergers in the event that...