A view from middle Australia: perceptions of arts, culture and creativity

Drawing on conversations with eight focus groups in February 2020, with middle-aged, middle income swing voters from suburban and regional Australia, this research finds that middle Australians have clear views about the value and opportunities that arts and culture create for them, for their families...

Creativity in an age of constraint

The John Bonython Lecture is the annual gala event for the Centre for Independent Studies. Award winning American author and opinion writer, Lionel Shriver, delivered this year’s lecture. She eviscerated the modern-day obsession with identity politics, political correctness and the hypersensitivities of the #MeToo movement...
Journal article

The impact of public funding on creative processes in Australia: three case studies of visual artists

Artistic practices are subjected to numerous situational factors that simultaneously hinder and/or enable future artistic activity: public funding is positioned in this research as one such situational factor. This article explores the immediate impacts public funding has on the artistically creative processes of the funded...

Creativity and the future of skills

At a time when all jobs, whether in a coffee shop or a bank, can seemingly be described as creative, you’d be forgiven for thinking the word had lost all meaning in the labour market. However, this first piece of research from the Creative Industries...

Innovation or resuscitation? A review of design integration programs in Australia

This chapter in "The Handbook of Service Innovation" discusses design integration programs which aim to increase the competitiveness of business through the application of design services and design thinking within the business model.

Connecting Australians: results of the National Arts Participation Survey, June 2017

Measures Australian engagement with the arts in 2016, confirming both its personal and social value.

The creative China plan six years on

While many in China are embracing the notion of creativity, planning and managing it is another issue writes Michael Keane for APO.

Evolution and creativity

Denis Dutton argues that humans evolved an aesthetic urge from the dawn of the species. The inevitable fierce debate has erupted again both within the evolutionary science community and across the science–religion fault lines. Via Skype from his home in Christchurch, New Zealand, Professor Dutton...