Crown land


Central West Investigation: final report

The recommendations in this final report reflect the challenge of balancing the many and sometimes competing demands on the Central West forests, in the context of pressures of climate change and Victoria’s growing population.

Project 30,000: producing social and affordable housing on government land

Plan Melbourne, the latest 30-year plan for Greater Melbourne, commits the state government to exploring a series of policy responses to the housing crisis, including utilising government land to host social and affordable housing. This report responds to this commitment by identifying over 195 hectares...
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Regulation challenges hindering the revitalisation of Commonwealth land

In the past most areas of Commonwealth land were reserved for specific defence purposes or managed as conservation areas designed to protect natural heritage features. In recent years, however, the identity of Commonwealth land has undergone a dramatic change as the impacts of corporate liberalism...
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Preserving green urban landscapes: regional public land acquisition in Perth and Sydney

The focus of this paper is a comparison of the history of the governance and funding of regional public land acquisition in Perth and Sydney, with the case for the selection of these two cities established by a contrast of the methods used. Specifically the...

Follow up of oversight and accountability of committees of management

There are more 8 000 Victorians who make a substantial contribution to Victoria as part of a committee of management (CoM). Through their volunteer labour, they maintain and oversee almost 1 500 Crown land reserves. Crown land reserves are areas of public land set aside...

Review for Land Information New Zealand

This review calls for Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to expanding its current roles and responsibilities in issues that affect the country, such as the safeguarding of national assets, the management of the Crown Estate, disaster recovery and urban development.

Management of Crown land site contamination

This audit assessed whether the state’s unallocated Crown land and unmanaged reserves are being effectively managed to minimise human and environmental health risks from contamination on these sites.
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What's needed to prove native title?

Throughout Australia the native title claims of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are resolved primarily through negotiated consent determinations, whereby the court recognises native title following the agreement of the parties, rather than through contested litigation. Negotiations leading up to a consent determination often...

Crown land management

This report presents some facts and figures about Crown land, provides a brief history and summary of the legislation governing Crown land, and outlines the proposed reforms. Introduction In March 2014, the NSW Government announced substantial changes to the management of Crown land in NSW...