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Australian sports wagering scheme: approach paper

This approach paper is intended to outline the department’s approach to designing the Australian sports wagering scheme (ASWS). This paper canvasses the key principles, processes and issues that will be considered in the design of the ASWS, and is intended to inform all relevant stakeholders...

Australian disability and violence data compendium

This compendium was produced as part of a University of Melbourne research project titled 'Violence against people with disabilities: maximising the use of data to inform the Royal Commission.' It aims to provide research directions for academics, policy makers and government.

Enhanced access to publicly funded data for science, technology and innovation

This report presents current policy practice to promote access to publicly-funded data for science, technology and innovation, as well as policy challenges for the future. It examines national policies and international initiatives, and identifies seven issues that require policy attention.

Recommendations on privacy and data protection in the fight against COVID-19

In this paper, the authors provide privacy and data protection recommendations for governments to fight against COVID-19 in a rights-respecting manner.

Indigenous Data Network

A strategy for the University of Melbourne's Indigenous Data Network to assist Indigenous communities in developing the technical capability and resources to enable them to manage their data for community advancement. And to take a lead role in negotiating agreements with government agencies to make...
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The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship

This paper endorses the FAIR Data Principles. The intent is that these may act as a guideline for those wishing to enhance the reusability of their data holdings. The FAIR Principles put specific emphasis on enhancing the ability of machines to automatically find and use...

Challenges in using data across government

This report sets out the National Audit Office’s experience of data across government, including initial efforts to start to address the issues. It identifies three areas where the UK Government needs to establish the pre-conditions for success.
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Tackling fraud in government with data analytics

Over the last few years, the UK Government has been exploring how data can improve counter fraud in government, working in collaboration with the private sector and academia. This paper summarises the key challenges the government faces when employing data analysis and data sharing to...
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Virtuous and vicious circles in the data life-cycle

In this article, the authors present an in-depth case study that follows collaborative data sharing, curation, and reuse practices among 11 zooarchaeologists and two curators during a large data reuse project. A data life-cycle model highlights how factors in one life-cycle phase impacted other phases...
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Data sharing and release: legislative reform discussion paper

As a national resource, public sector data can benefit all Australians. The Australian government is committed to modernising how public sector data is used. This discussion paper has been released to encourage public feedback on the proposed legislative reforms.